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2011 Hot Topics
12/28/2011 DFI sets 2012 rate for required escrow accounts at 0.26%
12/23/2011 Interest on money judgments now tied to prime rate
12/22/2011 ATM lawsuit risk remains a serious threat
12/01/2011 December 26 and January 2 are business days for rescission purposes
11/29/2011 Follow vendors' advice, or MFOEL programs may violate Reg. Z
11/03/2011 Concealed carry sample policies & sign now online
10/18/2011 MLO registration renewal starts Nov. 1
10/10/2011 NLRB postpones effective date requiring new employment poster
10/07/2011 Do you have BSA responsibilities to wind up before year-end?
09/13/2011 To Post or Not To Post: What’s a Credit Union To Do?
08/30/2011 Credit unions subject to loan originator compensation and anti-steering rules
08/17/2011 FTC rule prohibits misrepresentations in mortgage marketing; sets new recordkeeping requirements
08/11/2011 14-day periodic statement rule effective Oct. 1
08/11/2011 Are you at risk for ATM fee disclosure lawsuits?
08/01/2011 DOJ releases concealed carry Q&A
07/28/2011 Do you have any compliance challenges you’d like to discuss with other credit unions?
07/25/2011 CUs with electronic services must follow new guidance on Internet banking authentication by January 2012
07/21/2011 SAFE Act deadline July 29
07/20/2011 Reg. Z’s $50,000 threshold has little effect on use of League forms
07/13/2011 To Post or Not to Post—That is the Question: Wisconsin’s new conceal carry law
07/11/2011 Credit unions face decisions on concealed weapons law
07/08/2011 Changes finalized for risk-based pricing notices; July 21 is compliance deadline
07/07/2011 UPDATED: League prepares adverse action forms for credit score disclosure , eff. July 21, 2011
07/06/2011 CUNA publishes analysis of interchange fee rules
07/01/2011 The League describes recent WCUL form revisions
06/20/2011 Technical changes to CTR, SAR & CMIR; Use new forms by September
06/15/2011 Fed adjusts Reg. Z threshold for 2012 to $51,800
06/06/2011 CUNA suggests alternatives for credit counseling toll-free number
05/31/2011 Unlimited NCUA Insurance Coverage for Noninterest-bearing Transaction Accounts; Notices required as of June 24, 2011
05/24/2011 NCUA advertising rules amended; compliance required as of Jan. 1, 2012; 15-second TV & radio ads covered
05/17/2011 NCUA to address ALLL issues in May 26 webinar
05/10/2011 CARD Act rules “clarified,” effective Oct. 1
05/03/2011 Post-dated rescission form extends right to cancel to three years
04/25/2011 Does your credit union have the policies it needs?
04/20/2011 Consumer group claims TIS violations; urges “bank at a credit union”
04/06/2011 New Reg. Z Valuation Independence rules effective April 1, 2011; Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines & ii Release B008 revised
03/29/2011 Reg. Z threshold increasing to $50,000 July 21; Wisconsin Consumer Act still at $25,000; League forms to be revised
03/25/2011 Next day availability increasing to $200 on July 21; credit unions must update disclosures & notify members.
03/22/2011 SAFE Act registration step-by-step
03/09/2011 Noninterest-bearing transaction accounts have unlimited NCUA insurance coverage through December 31, 2012
03/04/2011 Escrow Rules Change for Higher-Priced “Jumbo” Loan April 1; Other Escrow Changes Proposed
03/01/2011 Federal garnishment rules effective May 1
02/28/2011 CU Case Strengthens Rights of Foreclosing Lenders that Hold 1st and 2nd Mortgages
01/31/2011 SAFE Act Registration Site Opens
01/19/2011 CMG reports significant spike in ATM fee disclosure lawsuits
01/13/2011 Prepare now for SAFE Act registration; workshop announced
01/11/2011 TIL requires new closed-end forms eff. Jan. 30, 2011
01/03/2011 OCC websites offers updated APR, APY verification software