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American Liquidity Access Network

Alan is a credit union exclusive network that was developed by American Deposit Management Company and the W.C.U.L. Services Corp. to serve as a tool for credit unions to gain access into the public deposit sector.  Alan is modeled after services in the banking sector that have allowed banks almost exclusive access to the public deposits.  As a registered municipal advisor, American Deposit Management Company works with public depositors to manage their funding and ensure their deposits maintain federal insurance.


Many public unit depositors are unaware of the benefits of credit unions and the federal coverage available through the NCUA for deposits.  Alan will match local school districts, villages, towns, and counties with credit unions for certificates of deposit and money market accounts at the credit union.  The funds from these depositors go to build and maintain schools, operate government units and enhance local infrastructure.  Alan will provide credit unions with another source of deposits while enhancing the role of credit unions within the state.


Alan is an alternative tool credit unions can use when they need additional funding or are looking to increase ties within their communities.   Alan will match your credit union with public depositors.  As a credit union participant you will choose deposits that fit the needs of your institution.


For more information please contact Ben Schweder, Vice President – W.C.U.L. Services Corp., at (800) 242-0833, Ext 6026.


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