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Saving enough for retirement? Are your members?

Most employees aren't saving enough for the future lifestyle they envision, say researchers. But it's easy to show them what they need to do to catch up: plan to attend –and encourage your staff to attend—The League's "Route Your Retirement Fair" on Feb. 12 in Milwaukee. Attend just the Fair, if you wish, or make it a pit-stop between our two-day IRA Essentials and IRA Beyond Essentials Workshops. At just $39 to attend the Fair you can't afford to miss it!


According to the latest research of investors aged between 21 and 50 years, only 39% are confident they will have enough money for retirement. And of those that are confident, two thirds have yet to develop an actual retirement plan. To further compound the problem, most are underestimating how long they will live in retirement.

By joining us Feb. 12 at the Crowe Plaza Milwaukee West in Wauwatosa for this eye-opening simulation, you and your co-workers can learn what you need to do now to ensure your desired retirement lifestyle. You'll also learn to share the experience of a Retirement Fair with members so that they, too, can benefit.


The League's "Route Your Retirement" event Feb. 12 is just $39! Encourage co-workers of ALL ages to attend. They'll benefit personally as well as learn to present this concept to your members to ensure their retirement dreams are on track. Here's a preview!

The "Route Your Retirement" Fair, developed by the National Credit Union Foundation's REAL Solutions Program in conjunction with CUNA Mutual Group, engages workers in making lifestyle choices for their retirement years while assessing the cost of supporting those choices.

"It's the same reality fair concept that credit unions have successfully used with teens to prepare them for the financial choices they'll need to make to live as self-supporting adults, " said Chad Helminak, Director of REAL Solutions & Outreach for The League.

"It only made sense to apply the same learning opportunity to retirement. You see really quickly that you may need some important adjustments in your planning depending on your expectations, and that's different for each person. Because the fair engages individuals in unique choices, they gain specific insights to adjust their plans."


Participants will:


  • Complete orientation. Get an idea of how the fair will work and receive a lifestyle worksheet.


  • Visit lifestyle booths. Do you want to travel when you retire? Help children or grandchildren financially? Downsize to a smaller home or have a second home? Do you wish to work part time or pursue a new passion? At each station you'll receive help to tally the cost of your choices.


  • Make adjustments. Issues such as social security, retirement saving and taxation are discussed to ensure your retirement planning progresses in line with your lifestyle expectations.


Most financial planners and retirement advisors suggest people save a sufficient amount to be able to generate an income equal to 80% or their final salary. Depending on the choices you make, you'll learn exactly how much you'll need to reach your goals.


Throughout the fair, it is continually stressed that participants should get advice that is specific to them from a reputable financial planner or retirement advisor. However, the Fair is a helpful –and often revealing – step in making sure your retirement dreams are on track!

And don't forget The League's IRA Workshops! Just before the Fair, on Feb. 12, we cover the "Essentials." We'll explain the benefits and differences of a traditional and Roth IRA, differentiate between types of beneficiaries, discuss eligibility, examine proper contribution reporting, discuss tax issues and explain rollovers, transfers and more.

On Feb. 13 we'll go "Beyond Essentials." This session assumes basic IRA knowledge and covers more in-depth concepts: traditional and Roth tax advantages, IRA tax reporting and withholding, handling a variety of IRA transactions, managing Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) and processing an IRA death claim.

Registration for the Retirement Fair is just $39 (a $100 value!) Each day of the IRA Workshops is $199 or save $50 by registering for both days.


Register now! Questions? Contact Judy Phillips at (262) 408-6020.



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