October, 2012

Credit Unions Honored for REAL Solutions® in 2012

In 2012 Wisconsin credit unions were recognized with the Wisconsin Financial Literacy Award for their work over the past year to help members save and build wealth. Collectively, Wisconsin credit unions have recieved six Wisconsin Financial Literacy Awards in six years.

Awards were achieved in:


  • For the Investor Education in Your Workplace program.™ The program grew from its pilot phase with Wisconsin credit unions (called RP3, which was honored in 2010) to bring investment training to additional companies in Wisconsin and at least 10 other states. In Wisconsin, 5,476 learners from 80 credit unions and 24 Wisconsin businesses completed 60,000 hours of investment training. With the program's expected expansion to additional states, it now has the potential to stimulate many millions of dollars in new investing nationwide. Participants have achieved as much as 40% improvements in investment knowledge and as much as 50% improvements in behavior, such as contributing regularly to a 401(k) or other retirement account;


  • For Money Mission®, the online financial literacy game - accessed through credit union websites - that teaches teens basic money management concepts and offers them opportunities to win college scholarships.


  • For the RP3 (Real Progress and Pathways to Prosperity) program, now known as the Investor Education in Your Workplace™ program (see above). The online investment training program taught 3,520 credit union employees statewide the basics of investing so that they can encourage more investing on the part of Wisconsin's 2.2 million credit union members. Another 14 of those graduates completed 50+ hours of advanced training to become CFEd® Certified Financial Educators. They are now better equipped to teach basic investing year-round within their communities. And, they are helping involve additional Wisconsin companies in the same basic, 10-hour online investment education program they intitially completed as part of the Investor Education in Your Workplace™ program (see above).


  • For in-school credit union branches operated by students from the elementary grades through high school. Because the branches do not primarily focus on lending, they do not drive profits. Rather, they aim to teach a lifelong habit of saving. Youth-run credit union branches have been lauded as a “best practice” for youth financial education.


  • For the brass|STUDENT PROGRAM, the free lifestyle money magazine sent free to any Wisconsin public high school that requests it. The program includes online tools for teachers and students that support state financial literacy standards. Nearly all (97%) of the Wisconsin teachers using brass say they would recommend the program to a colleague because of their success using it in the classroom to teach responsible money management.


  • For the overall REAL Solutions® initiative, which teaches families to save and build wealth. The effort extends services to members and communities without regard for profit.


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