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Webinar: Ability to Repay Part 1 - New Rules that Impact Your Policies & Products: Deadline January 10, 2014


Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Speaker:  Bill Elliot, Young & Associates, Inc.


About the Program

The ability to repay concept is simple – make sure the borrower can pay before you make the mortgage loan. The CFPB’s final pronouncement on this simple concept contained 236,000 words. This webinar is the first of two presentations on this topic. It will address the management impact of this new rule and the decisions that must be made in the mortgage loan and asset liability management areas. The definition and impacts of “qualified mortgages” and “unqualified mortgages” will be covered, as well as the “points and fees” test. This test is one of the two tests required to determine qualified or unqualified status. (The actual ability to repay calculation and the proper approach for balloon mortgages will be included in Part 2 on
August 1.)



  • The concept
  • How this new regulation affects risk management
  • Decisions that need to be made and the timing of those decisions
  • Definitions and their impact
  • The points and fees test

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