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German finance students learn about Sheboygan area CUs during recent visit

Several Sheboygan area credit unions had a chance to show some visiting German finance students how their credit unions work as part of an exchange program through Lakeshore Technical College. UnitedOne, Sheboygan Area and Kohler credit unions each had a total of four students visit with their staff this fall to give the students a chance to learn more about American financial institutions.


While visiting, the students spent time in various departments to learn about how credit unions function. Amanda Russart, Head Teller at Sheboygan Area Credit Union, said one of the things the students were most intrigued by was the drive-thru tellers.


“It’s very different in Germany,” she said. “They don’t have drive thrus and they loved to watch it. They loved to grab the tube and send it back to members.”


The finance students were also very interested in UnitedOne Credit Union’s school branch, which they toured as part of their visit to the credit union, said Melissa Cain, Human Resource Director at UnitedOne Credit Union.


“The students were very surprised that the youth were so involved,” she said. “They said that it’s a struggle to get youth involved in credit unions in Germany.”


The finance students also noted that American youth have more financial freedom than youth in Germany, where parents must sign for any youth accounts.


Staff also had a chance to learn from students during their visit.


“It was interesting to see how our financial world is different from theirs,” Russart said. “In Germany, tellers don’t hand out money, instead they load up an ATM card and the member withdraws their cash from an ATM.”

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