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Be creative when telling Congress "Don't Tax My Credit Union!"

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Take two minutes to protect the credit union tax exemption by helping Wisconsin reach our contacts goal. Please:


  • Share the link with your colleagues, friends and family.



  • Choose from additional tools and materials for engagement found on The League's or CUNA's grassroots resource pages.



Credit unions earn their tax status with decades of accomplishments and an unwavering commitment to their members' and communities' best interests. To lose the tax exemption would jeopardize the valued services and $8 billion in annual benefits that American consumers receive because of the income tax-exempt cooperative structure that allows credit unions to put the best interests of people ahead of profit.


Wisconsin credit unions are finding some creative ways to boost their "Don't Tax My Credit Union" advocacy. With just two dedicated weeks of advocacy remaining, Wisconsin has moved up in total grassroots contacts to Congress, ranking 10th in the nation. But with fewer than 30 credit unions having reached their individual goals for grassroots contacts, there's room for us to further increase our ranking using shared resources from The League & CUNA.


Credit unions have been working hard to direct their employees, directors and members to the grassroots action page,, where a message to Congress can be sent in seconds. But several credit unions have used other means like postcards or a signable letter to deliver the message in large numbers, including:


  • Premier Financial Credit Union rented a booth at the Calumet County Fair, where they collected 84 signed letters to Congress. In total Premier Financial has collected 295 letters resulting in over 900 contacts to legislators.


  • Avestar Credit Union and County-City Credit Union put the "Don't Tax My Credit Union" message on eye-catching postcards for members to sign. With the help of its postcards, Avestar has made more than 225 contacts to Congress. Employees at County-City are battling to collect the most signed postcards, with 600 member-signed postcards so far and more than 2,000 contacts to Congress.


  • Taylor Credit Union collected more than 400 signed letters to Congress. Many were obtained simply through conversations with members in the credit union's lobby.


"Credit unions that have engaged their members in signing a card or letter have said it was a great way to initiate dialog about how credit unions are owned by their depositors and work to benefit them instead of shareholders," said League VP of Government Affairs Tom Liebe.

"While our advocacy's main objective is to preserve our tax status, an added benefit has been increasing member awareness of the benefits their credit union offers – like small loans, financial education, budget assistance, and more consumer-friendly policies and lending practices. We're opening quite a few eyes to the value of credit unions' cooperative ownership structure – something that's inspiring individuals to encourage involvement in our grassroots."


"Please share with Sarah Wainscott any contacts made outside the website so that we can keep an accurate count of our progress as well as any strategies that have worked well for you so that we can share them with others," Liebe added. Shared resources from The League, CUNA and credit unions are accessible from The League's homepage.

Tagging your representatives in Congress in tweets and using the hashtag #DontTaxMyCU in your social media outreach not only helps track these messages, but ensures that they reach the legislative audience.

Even if a tax reform bill does not advance this session, a strong voice in support of credit unions will be crucial to preserve the current tax status because the decisions made today are the likely starting point from which tax reform deliberations continue.


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