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Introducing Want Rewards™! 


We designed Want Rewards™ specifically for all credit unions. With no monthly fees and no setup fees, every credit union can now afford a robust “rewards” program. Want Rewards™ offers credit unions a branding opportunity, as well as a customizable reward program, so each credit union can reward and drive member behavior to products essential to the credit union. Your credit union will only pay for points redeemed.


Want Rewards™ creates additional value for your members by offering a huge selection of redemption items including current DVD and book releases. With over two million products plus event tickets and travel options, the Want Rewards™ program will offer something for every member. 


Customize your rewards program to fit your credit union's needs, offer an all inclusive rewards program that includes credit card, debit card, relationship, promotional, employee and SEG awards or select the key categories critical to your credit union.


Explore all the options at Want Rewards, User Name: and Password: test.  Your credit union’s logo will take the place of The W.C.U.L. Services Corp. logo.  After all, this is your rewards program and your members should think of it as such.


Reward your members and not the company hosting your reward program. Want Rewards™ only costs your credit union one cent per point redeemed. With other programs in the market place credit unions are spending 10 cents – 35 cents per card holder in the program, plus paying more than one cent per point and sometimes as much as two cents per point for travel redemptions. All of these fees add up and eat away your reward budget without creating any loyalty. With the Want Rewards™ program your reward budget will be freed up to issue rewards to your members and generate loyalty – exactly what it was designed to do.


Contact Tara Koplien in The League Services Corp. at (800) 242-0833, Ext. 6006, to discuss your options.

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