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The brass|STUDENT PROGRAM provides credit unions with a great opportunity to establish or enhance relationships with local schools and help young adults to save and manage money. To further enhance this program's success, credit unions are encouraged to:


Help sponsor materials for local schools


In an effort to build new CU-school relationships and reinforce existing ones, the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation and Brass invite credit unions to help sponsor resources for the high schools in your area through two new mini-package options. These options represent a simple, cost-effective way to engage local high classrooms and provide expanded content on behalf of a sponsorship from your credit union.


View sponsorship options for credit unions


Reach out to local teachers and schools to raise awareness of its availability

Let your local public high school teachers know that Brass Student Program is available! All teachers that register online will receive Student Program materials sent to their school. Currently, nealy 400 Wisconsin teachers from 200 schools are receiving Brass in the classroom. Credit unions can also log into (use the user name "wiscleague" and password "sponsor") to access communication pieces that explain the program and can be shared with educators and other credit union employees. In addition, a full list of schools receiving Brass can be found on, so you can see if your local school is already using it!


Promote your credit union's involvement with Brass in the following ways:


  • Post information on your website
    • Post a link on your website to, which is a public website that showcases Brass Student Program content
    • Use the following language to explain brass in context with credit unions’ many other REAL Solutions to help members: Through the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation, (YOUR CU NAME) joins Wisconsin credit unions in providing free to our state’s public high schools the Brass Student Program,  a financial literacy initiative that is helping young adults statewide learn to save, use credit wisely and practice responsible money management. The program is currently being used by (NAME LOCAL PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS).
    • If you'd like a graphic or logo for your webpage, please contact Chad Helminak.
  • Engage lawmakers and visible leaders
    • Provide a write-up about the Brass Student Program to local leaders (e.g., lawmakers, Chambers of Commerce, local media people, columnists, etc.) and ask them to have it published. For sample text or assistance with this, contact Christine Henzig at (262) 408-6019.
  • Share the news with your members and the community
    Publish The League's sample newsletter article or press release. The samples should only be personalized where indicated, as with your credit union's name or the local school where you sponsor the Brass Student Program. This way, you properly credit the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation and other Wisconsin credit unions for their collaborative effort to provide this program. Contact Christine Henzig at or call (262) 408-6019 for the sample text.

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