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Employee Handbook is available through the On-Line Store


There are two Employee Handbooks from which to choose, both written expressly for Wisconsin Credit Unions.  The Handbook for Credit Unions with 50 or more employees includes a policy on the Family and Medical Leave Acts and incorporates modifications throughout to ensure compliance.


Employee Handbooks offer policies from which to choose, each customizable as applicable to your Credit Union.  In addition, there are informative annotations and explanations throughout that discuss the applicable laws and implications of the policies you are customizing as well as practical pointers to guide your choices. Each Credit Union can customize its Employee Handbook according to its own policies - e.g., vacation and sick leave or PTO, how many days a year an employee can be absent, to whom to report certain incidents or ask certain questions.  The Employee Handbook will use the Credit Union's name throughout and, if the Credit Union chooses display its logo on the cover.  If a Credit Union has a policy that is so different from the usual that it cannot be worked into the model policies provided, it can be customized further for a slight additional cost.


Other benefits of the Employee Handbook include:

  • All policies comply with both federal and Wisconsin law.
  • Language is customizable specific to your credit union's own policies.
  • Downloadable template can be completed in just hours (print out or save online as you go).
  • Uses your credit union's name throughout and can include your logo on the cover.
  • Includes your CEO's signature and a section to explain your credit union's history.
  • For a low annual fee, you receive automatic updates for compliance.
  • Final copies can be provided to you for all staff, or you can duplicate from the electronic file you'll receive.
  • Hardcopies are tabbed; pages can be replaced with subsequent updates.


When you purchase your Employee Handbook through the On-line Store, you will also automatically receive, for a low annual fee, new and updated policies that will keep your Employee Handbook timely and compliant in the years to come.  At any time you can contact The League Services Corp. to change, add or delete a policy from your Handbook. (There may be a consulting fee.)


It's just that simple! For a small initial investment and only a few hours of your time up front, your credit union will always have a complete, up-to-date, fully compliant Employee Handbook.


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