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How to Handle Unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfers Under Reg E

Learn how to properly handle unauthorized EFTs under Reg E.

May 23, 2017 09:00 AM   -­­  May 23, 2017 10:30 AM


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On Demand Webinar

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The rise in the number of electronic payments and devices has increased the number of unauthorized electronic fund transfers (EFTs). Reg E provides protections for consumers from unauthorized EFTs – and also imposes many responsibilities and obligations on your financial institution. Reg E is complicated and, given the rapidly changing types of electronic payments and devices, there is often confusion as to whether Reg E applies. It is further complicated because there is a legal distinction between a Reg E claim and a merchant dispute under the Visa/MC rules. This webinar will explain how to properly handle unauthorized EFTs under Reg E.

Learning Objectives

  • What transactions are covered by Reg E?
  • What are your institution’s responsibilities under Reg E?
  • What transactions are deemed to be unauthorized?
  • When can the consumer be held liable for an unauthorized EFT?
  • How to properly handle unauthorized EFT claims


Elizabeth Fast, JD, CPA, Spencer Fane, LLP ​

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