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Financial counseling: access top-tier training

by Christine Henzig, Director of Communications Feb 15, 2017
Wisconsin Credit Union Certified Financial Counselors Class of 2016
More than 70 Wisconsin credit union professionals became CCUFCs in 2016. Now's your chance to certify as a professional financial counselor! 
Every Wisconsin credit union provides free financial counseling to members, whether to help them through a job loss or illness, improve their creditworthiness, pay down debt or live within a budget. For members, it's a lifesaver. For credit unions, it's fulfillment of mission and it can be a boon to the bottom line.
That's why, as part of its focus on improving financial literacy in our state, the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation - along with system partners - is bringing back for the second year a major effort to support financial counseling.   

What is this opportunity? 

Complete the enhanced Credit Union Financial Counseling Certification Program (FiCEP). You'll become a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC) who is better equipped to coach members through financial challenges.

What you'll gain

  • Basic FiCEP training offered by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) plus "enhanced" support to establish a sustainable, measurable counseling program to drive your credit union's financial success and overall growth. In-person training from Mark Lynch of the National Credit Union Foundation equips you to:

    • Establish a long-term vision for counseling & education
    • Set goals that benefit members and your bottom line
    • Prepare an action plan
    • Track and measure activities and impact
    • Report successful outcomes
    • Review, improve and grow your program
    • Network with other credit unions successfully implementing a program

  • Access to ongoing guidance and support from the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation, which is underwriting the cost of Mark's time and program materials to bring it to you at a vastly discounted cost - at half the typical cost or even less!

Who should participate? 

Front line credit union employees (tellers, MSRs, loan officers, collectors, branch managers, financial educators, etc.) are encouraged to participate, but the opportunity is open to anyone, particularly managers looking to enable member coaching as part of your credit union's culture. 

How does it work? 

You'll complete online self-study, 9 bi-weekly webinars and two face-to-face trainings including a proctored exam. The program begins May 31. Check the full schedule. 
Financial counseling

When can I sign up? 

Registrations are being taken now through April 28. 

Benefits of participation  

  • Move members from financial crisis to stability
  • Reduce delinquencies and charge offs
  • Identify & meet more members' needs
  • Differentiate your credit union as a valued local resource
  • Improve the bottom line by cultivating healthy borrowers
  • Attract new members through educational opportunities
  • Showcase the "Credit Union Difference"
  • Distinguish credit unions among policymakers, advancing our legislative and regulatory advocacy
  • Illustrate fulfillment of credit unions' tax-exempt mission
  • Create awareness about credit unions as Americans' preferred financial partner.

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