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Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation
Wisconsin Credit Unions Unite for Good

We believe that credit unions derive their strength through unity

Read the League Board's Interdependence Resolution affirming our commitment to dual membership in The League & CUNA. It is our firm belief that a coordinated, interdependent system preserves a strong, effective voice for credit unions in Wisconsin and across the United States. Simply put, we're better together! Our unified efforts are critical to achieving important objectives in:

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Regulatory Advocacy 

Our united League/CUNA system works in tandem with credit unions to fight regulatory burden while protecting members and credit unions’ ability to grow. We monitor state and federal rules and regulations from when they’re first proposed through their implementation, using input from credit unions to shape the specific requirements credit unions must follow under the law.

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Political & Legislative Advocacy

The League/CUNA system represents and engages public officials on behalf of credit unions and their members. Along with credit union activists, we lobby for pro-credit union legislation, defeat harmful legislation, and cultivate relationships with policymakers to ensure they understand the value of credit unions so they can act to enhance, protect and preserve it. Communicating about credit unions’ value, protecting credit unions’ tax status, removing regulatory burdens and expanding credit unions’ opportunities to grow and serve members are top priorities.

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Our united League/CUNA system helps you stay on top of the thousands of pages of new and changing regulations annually which– not surprisingly—have led 75% of credit union CEOs to say it’s become "very challenging" simply to keep up. Our combined compliance assistance helps to reduce credit unions’ exposure to regulatory penalties, prepare credit unions for visits by regulators and protect the credit union and its members from liabilities that have the potential to affect income, member service, reputation and more.

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Our united League/CUNA system offers expansive resources and consulting expertise on virtually every topic your credit union needs to function and grow. The knowledge that our collaborative system has amassed over decades grows with each credit union we assist to save your credit union time, money and needless risk. You accomplish more with greater confidence.

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Our united League/CUNA system delivers the know-how to serve members and manage all aspects of your operations. You gain the knowledge, skills and peer contacts you need to succeed.

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Our united League/CUNA system emphasizes constant communication by CUNA, Leagues, credit unions and individual activists about the good credit unions accomplish. Appreciation for credit unions as member-owned cooperatives not only accomplishes our legislative and regulatory objectives, but helps credit unions add new members.

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