The League's Purpose & Values

About The League

Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation
Wisconsin Credit Unions Unite for Good

Core Purpose

Our core purpose is to provide innovative ideas and solutions for credit unions and promote and protect the ideals of member ownership, volunteerism and unity.

Core Values

Unequivocal Excellence

We value unequivocal excellence in all we do. To be truly excellent in all we do requires us to be thoughtful and act with foresight. To achieve excellence, we recognize that all areas must work together and be accountable.

Our aim is to exceed expectations.

Honesty & Integrity

We value honesty and integrity. We encourage openness and demand truth.

Risk Taking

We value innovative and calculated risk taking. We believe creativity drives progress. We embrace change and strive to leave our comfort zone.


We value commitment to our organization and respect individuality and outside interests.


We value unity – within the movement and within the league. Within the movement, we will strive to keep the credit unions of Wisconsin united. Within the league, we will work in unison and will consider the effects of our decisions on all.

We speak with one voice.