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Below, we've archived a series of articles published in League News to showcase credit unions' successes advancing three objectives. 

Unite For Good

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Removing Barriers

  • 2019 Convention theme: Move Forward

    Feb 06, 2019
    The largest gathering of credit union professionals all year is just ahead, and completes its three-year thematic focus on the uniqueness that drives credit union success.
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  • Rave reviews: Compliance Specialists

    Nov 07, 2018
    If compliance obligations have you down, check out these raves - and the help that's available - through The League's Compliance Specialist program.
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  • Credit unions remove barriers via the comment process

    Nov 06, 2018
    Our Movement removes barriers to serving members through the regulatory comment process. This year we saw some big successes - including passage of critical common sense regulatory reforms at the federal level - thanks to input from credit unions on how regulations were affecting you.
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  • Showcase the strength of our Movement: help us count members

    Nov 01, 2018
    Just run this downloadable program at least twice annually to get a head count of your membership by Congressional District, state legislative district and county. The data you help collect showcases the strength of credit unions nationwide and is a critical part of our advocacy.
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  • Credit unions are rocking the Advocacy Toolkit

    Oct 22, 2018
    Which activities on our checklist will your credit union complete to strengthen relationships with lawmakers? We've set up a handy form to share your success.
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Creating Awareness

Free webinar series explains "Open Your Eyes" awareness campaign

by Christine Henzig, Director of Communications Nov 02, 2018

Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union is our Movement's consumer awareness initiativeThe Credit Union National Association (CUNA) continues its free webinar series to involve credit unions nationwide in its "Open Your Eyes" consumer awareness program.

Plan to participate

Three free webinars (being archived) are sharing information.‚Äč They cover:

A multi-year collaboration 

The Awareness Initiative, backed by the CUNA Board and estimated to be a $100 million investment over three years, is designed to enhance consideration of credit unions as Americans' best financial partner.The initiative will be digitally focused, targeted and its impact measurable. 

More Information

Contact Christine Henzig, Director of Communications at (608) 640-4033.

The League and CUNA engage with credit union Activists in a 360-degree advocacy approach that helps credit unions create awareness to remove barriers to serving members. Read more articles in our Unite for Good series

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