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Below, we've archived a series of articles published in League News to showcase credit unions' successes advancing three objectives. 

Unite For Good

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Removing Barriers

  • 2019 Convention theme: Move Forward

    Feb 06, 2019
    The largest gathering of credit union professionals all year is just ahead, and completes its three-year thematic focus on the uniqueness that drives credit union success.
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  • Rave reviews: Compliance Specialists

    Nov 07, 2018
    If compliance obligations have you down, check out these raves - and the help that's available - through The League's Compliance Specialist program.
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  • Credit unions remove barriers via the comment process

    Nov 06, 2018
    Our Movement removes barriers to serving members through the regulatory comment process. This year we saw some big successes - including passage of critical common sense regulatory reforms at the federal level - thanks to input from credit unions on how regulations were affecting you.
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  • Showcase the strength of our Movement: help us count members

    Nov 01, 2018
    Just run this downloadable program at least twice annually to get a head count of your membership by Congressional District, state legislative district and county. The data you help collect showcases the strength of credit unions nationwide and is a critical part of our advocacy.
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  • Credit unions are rocking the Advocacy Toolkit

    Oct 22, 2018
    Which activities on our checklist will your credit union complete to strengthen relationships with lawmakers? We've set up a handy form to share your success.
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Creating Awareness

Fostering Service Excellence

What past attendees have said about Convention

by Angela Klaves, Director of Marketing Feb 06, 2019

Still not sure whether you should make time for Convention? We're glad you asked!


Previous Convention attendees had a lot to say about their experience!


Past attendees said:

"The service project was a good way to support the local community."

"Speakers were excellent!"

"I took back some great tips from our speakers to bring back to my credit union."

"For my first Convention, it was a wonderful experience!"

"And the breakout sessions were very informative and had great information to take back to my CU."

"I have at least five pages of notes and ideas so I learned a lot at Convention."

"I learned so much, I'm still absorbing it.  Convention is a way to network that I didn't even think would be possible."

"I really enjoyed the community service project.  Hearing the story touched my heart and I loved that we were able to help out."Convention Rocks!!!

"Dinner in the Key of Funny was EXCELLENT. I would highly recommend a type of entertainment like that again. Thank you!"

"HYPE Group breakout session - all of them were excellent!"‚Äč

"[The economic update] was fast-moving, but very well presented and informative."

"It's nice to connect with vendors that we work with and have conversations with other people that we don't frequently work with for their perspective on how else we can achieve goals."

"Great introduction to an important technology that I did not even know existed!"

"I loved the speaker and her energy."

"The HYPE program was the most amazing opportunity ever! I am unable to put into words how truly amazing it was. I was sad to leave, but I know I made some CU lifetime friends!"

"Kevin Brown was the best speaker I've ever listened to. His presentation was extremely enjoyable."

"Kevin Brown was OUTSTANDING!  What a great motivational speaker, he is an inspiration and was the highlight of the convention. Great speaker choice!!"

"I loved the CU Talks format it gave a good snapshot of the presenters and helped with the decision of which break out session to attend."

"[I liked] the networking and meeting like-minded people. And sharing all our stories on how we got here and how important the movement is to each one of us."

"I participated in the HYPE program and it was an excellent way to get YPs involved in the credit union world and introduce us to the intricate parts that all work together to allow credit unions to thrive!"

"Lois Kitsch was the most valuable part. She showed everyone in that room how important it is to stride forward and continue with the movement. She is the epitome of everything I hope to be and work towards now and into the future! She is a phenomenal woman and person."

"The speakers like Kevin Brown and Lois Kitsch that remind you why and how you are a part of the Credit Union Movement."

"[I loved] being able to attend the breakouts and gather information in a variety of different topics."

"I did learn how customer service can change someone's world.  I've been brought up in the customer service world so I can see its impact, but I was rejuvenated when I heard Kevin Browns story."

"Just learning about blockchain technology is VERY important."


We're sharing this because we don't want you to regret missing the amazing speakers, education and fun we've put together for you, making Convention the single best value you'll find all year to practice networking and expand your contacts, develop critical skills, grow your credit union, support the Movement and Unite for Good. You'll go home inspired and with actionable ideas and prizes.

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