Dave Sanderson

Founder & President | Dave Sanderson International

Dave SandersonOn January 15, 2009, following a bird strike-induced loss of both engines, Dave found himself in a crashed plane in New York’s freezing Hudson River. He was one of the 155 passengers and was largely responsible for making certain others made it out safely from US Airways Flight 1549 – known today as “The Miracle on the Hudson.”

Since the Miracle on the Hudson, Dave has spoken over 1,800 times around the world and had the opportunity to meet and work with leaders from several industries. Using his 30+ years in being a top sales producer, ten years of being the head of security for Anthony Robbins and his unique experience of surviving a plane crash, he has learned and speaks about using your personal leadership skills to find your DISTINCT ADVANTAGE- your PITTChE (Point In Time That Changes Everything).


Your Distinct Advantage: Miracle on the Hudson’s Hero | May 9: 9:00 am -­­ 10:30 am


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