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Month 1: September

September's theme is You & The Credit Union Movement. We'll focus on the fundamentals of what makes the Credit Union Movement unique, what it means for you and your career as well as the implications it has during this time of uncertainty during COVID-19.

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Month 2: October

October's theme is Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Social Justice.We'll take a deep dive into all of these terms and explore what you as individuals can do as well as what can be done at the credit union-level and how this benefits all.

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Month 3: November

November's theme is Credit Union Operations. Discover just what it takes to make a credit union run and run well. How are we able to support our members and community through daily operations? Learn how each department works to together fulfill the credit union's mission.

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Month 4: December

December's theme is Look out 2021, Here Come the YPs! As the year closes out, we'll reflect on takeaways both from this program and from the year as a whole. We'll also look at what that means for 2021 and how those lessons can be applied in the coming year and beyond. We'll explore trends, future outlooks and discuss plans for 2021.

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