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Hot Topics 2014
04/23/2014 CFPB: Integrated loan disclosure forms & samples: Other blank forms and samples
04/23/2014 CFPB: Integrated loan disclosure forms & samples: Loan Estimate
04/23/2014 Unison CU to hold Shred Fest May 10 in Kaukauna
04/23/2014 CFPB: TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Guide to the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure forms (April 2014)
04/23/2014 186 Credit Unions (state-chartered only) as regarding Incorporation, bylaws, amendment, fees.
04/23/2014 Wisconsin State Law Library (WSLL)
04/23/2014 CFPB: Integrated Mortgage Disclosures Under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (Regulation X) and the Truth In Lending Act (Regulation Z), Federal Register 78 FR 79730 (Dec. 31, 2013)
04/23/2014 CFPB: Executive Summary of the Rule - Final rule on simplified and improved mortgage disclosures, (December, 2013)
04/23/2014 April 23 2014
04/23/2014 TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (eff. 8/1/2015)
04/23/2014 CFPB: Integrated loan disclosure forms & samples: Closing Disclosure
04/23/2014 OCU: Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (DFI)
04/23/2014 CFPB: Small Entity Compliance Guide: TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule, (March 2014)
04/22/2014 Unclaimed Property
04/22/2014 Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)
04/22/2014 Wisconsin played a big role in advocacy that affects credit union income
04/22/2014 Reg. D - Reserve Requirements of Depository Institutions
04/22/2014 Help members with their heating bills with WHEDA-backed loans
04/22/2014 Truth In Savings
04/22/2014 Summit CU transforms annual meeting to family-friendly event
04/22/2014 HELP WANTED: convention service project needs you!
04/21/2014 NCUA proposal could stymie your plans for member service
04/21/2014 Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue to offer an electronic levy solution
04/17/2014 Teller
04/17/2014 CFPB: 12 CFR 1026.18
04/17/2014 Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)
04/17/2014 Employers no longer required to log hours worked by exempt employees new
04/16/2014 Credit union regulatory reform package signed into law
04/16/2014 138 Money and Rates of Interest as related to residential mortgage loans and mergers. new
04/15/2014 Debit card agreements may need updating new
04/15/2014 Financial Services/Loan Representative
04/15/2014 UW CU expands eligible school list for private student loans
04/15/2014 Heritage CU announces new office construction in Phillips
04/15/2014 !WCUL releases updated loan forms: 81101, 82014, and 82018 new
04/15/2014 Directors/managers: get essentials from OCU, NASCUS & The League
04/15/2014 June Real Estate Lending Compliance Conference is a must-attend event
04/14/2014 Head Teller
04/14/2014 Mortgage Loan Officer
04/14/2014 #82014 - Consumer Note and Federal Truth in Lending Disclosures - (Rev. 4/14) new
04/14/2014 #82018 - Variable Interest Rate Addendum - (Rev. 4/14) new
04/14/2014 Convention presenter Andy Janning offers the techniques of leadership excellence
04/14/2014 !!WCUL Closed-End Loan Form Selection Chart (4/14) new
04/14/2014 #81101 - Consumer Note and Federal Truth in Lending Disclosures (Credit Sale) - (Rev. 4/14) new
04/11/2014 State Enacts the Wisconsin Social Media Protection Act new
04/11/2014 CFPB & Interagency Guidance for Residential Mortgage Foreclosures, Modifications & Workouts
04/11/2014 Altra Financial Advisors Hosts New Normal economy & retirement seminar
04/10/2014 Compliance Specialist
04/10/2014 Compliance Specialist
04/10/2014 Credit Union Service Organizations Join Forces
04/10/2014 Fox Communities CU offers home buying after 5 mixer
04/09/2014 Vice President - Financial/ALM Analyst
04/09/2014 CFPB: Ability-to-Repay and Qualified Mortgage Rule, Small Entity Compliance Guide (1/8/2014) new
04/09/2014 April 2014 **Updating information from February, 2009**
04/08/2014 Tweet Chat: 3 Top Trends for CU Marketing
04/08/2014 DFI: Notary Public Online Application new
04/08/2014 137 Authentication and Electronic Transactions and Records
04/08/2014 706 Conveyances of Real Property; Recording; Titles as regarding notarial acts
04/08/2014 DFI-Sec _1.02 new
04/07/2014 Health Savings Accounts
04/07/2014 Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
04/07/2014 Chapter Bulletin for April 2014
04/07/2014 Credit Union AVP-Mgr, Deposit Operations
04/04/2014 NCUA: Examiner`s Guide - Chapter 32: Incidental Powers, for federally-chartered credit unions
04/04/2014 Incidental Powers
04/04/2014 Member Service Representative
04/04/2014 Royal CU launches Young & Free Royal announces dream job for spokester
04/04/2014 NCUA: 12 CFR 721
04/04/2014 Filene cites how it drives meaningful change for credit unions and their members
04/04/2014 NCUA: 12 CFR 721.3
04/04/2014 Incidental Powers
04/01/2014 2014 March ii Transmittal Sheet
04/01/2014 NCUA: Letter to Credit Unions No. 10-CU-14 - (August 2010)
04/01/2014 NCUA: 12 CFR 741.12
04/01/2014 NCUA: AIRES Checklist – Liquidity Review Questionnaire
04/01/2014 NCUA: Supervisory Letter to All Field Staff, No. 14-03 (March 2014)
04/01/2014 NCUA: Letter to Credit Unions No. 13-CU-10 - (October 2013)
04/01/2014 NCUA updates share insurance booklet
04/01/2014 Liquidity Risk
03/31/2014 Discover the value of World Council membership
03/31/2014 Member Services Assistant
03/31/2014 Federal CUSO rules will apply to Wisconsin credit unions as of June 30
03/31/2014 State to loosen rules on consumer liability for unauthorized transfers April 1
03/31/2014 ** Description of April 2014 ii Release Revisions new
03/31/2014 Liquidity Risk
03/31/2014 Best Advantage Credit Union achieves 100% participation in The Leagues Payroll Deduction program
03/31/2014 March 31 2014
03/31/2014 Unison CU offers free fraud protection workshop
03/28/2014 Dont miss the Collections Roundtable April 10 in Appleton
03/28/2014 Convention Conduit Luncheon offers preview of election year action
03/27/2014 NCUA: Letter to Credit Unions - Changes to NCUA Regulations Related to Credit Union Service Organizations (November 2013)
03/27/2014 Credit unions teach financial skills year-round, not just during Financial Literacy Month
03/27/2014 Truth In Savings Account Disclosures for Member Accounts (Rev. 03/14) new
03/27/2014 IRS: Publication 785 - Special information relating to Purchase Money Mortgages, Purchase Money Security Interests, and Subordination of the Federal Tax Lien (10/2005)
03/26/2014 Survey of credit unions exam experiences reveals a mixed bag for WI
03/26/2014 Fox Communities CU to hold ShredFest April 7-12
03/26/2014 CitizensFirst to bust mortgage myths
03/26/2014 NCUA proposal could have a big effect on credit unions capitalization
03/25/2014 Teller/Member Services Assistant
03/25/2014 B078   Mortgage Payoff & Satisfaction Laws new
03/25/2014 Royal CU hosts The Big Read during Money Smart Week