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April 2014 - **Updating information from February, 2009**
Question: Do we need to have our employees sign the Oath of Office every year?


04/15/2014 Debit card agreements may need updating new
04/15/2014 !WCUL releases updated loan forms: 81101, 82014, and 82018 new
04/01/2014 2014 March ii Transmittal Sheet
04/01/2014 NCUA updates share insurance booklet
03/31/2014 State to loosen rules on consumer liability for unauthorized transfers April 1
03/31/2014 Federal CUSO rules will apply to Wisconsin credit unions as of June 30
03/10/2014 Mortgage booklets available for pre-order


04/23/2014 B071   Reg. Z: Loan Originator Compensation, Qualifications and Anti-Steering Rules
04/22/2014 ** Description of April 2014 ii Release Revisionsnew
04/22/2014 B053   Real Estate Mortgage Lending
04/22/2014 B059   Child Support Enforcement: Lien Docket
04/21/2014 B052   Participation Loans
04/15/2014 0124   Advertising Compliance Checklistnew
04/15/2014 B062   High-Cost Mortgage Loans Under HOEPA


04/24/2014 BSA Officer Duties & Update
04/30/2014 10 Best Practices in Board Governance: How the Board Can Protect Your Credit Union
05/06/2014 Call Reports: Interpreting the Most Recent Changes
05/07/2014 Complex ACH Challenges for RDFIs: Exceptions, Errors & More
05/13/2014 Defining the Board Versus Auditor Supervisory Committee Responsibilities


!! WCUL Forms - Revision Dates (4/14/14)

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