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Welcome to our Small Credit Union Page!


On this page you will find resources and information for your small credit union. Please feel free to contact our credit union consultant Bill Rockeman with any questions at (262) 408-6024. Please also see our Education and Training Calendar for beneficial training resources including free and low cost webinars.

Resources for Small Credit Unions

17-4 ALM TestRestricted
17-4 ALM Calculation Worksheet to help you determine if your CU is a candidate for a visit from NCUA

Allowance Evaluation ProgramRestricted
Excel tool to calculate your Allowance for Loan Loss

Board Planning OverviewRestricted
What's involved in a League-facilitated planning session

Capital Growth SpreadsheetRestricted
Excel tool to set income level required for growth

Filene Research Institute's innovation library
Short-term online access is free to League-affiliated credit unions who are not already members of the Institute.

NCUA's Small Credit Union Program
The NCUA's national Small Credit Union Program provides direct assistance to credit unions with strategic, management, or operational issues.

Operations Consulting

Ratio AnalysisRestricted
Excel tool to calculate financial ratios

Small Credit Union Initiative
Smaller credit unions are challenged with operating effectively and efficiently in an increasing complex regulatory and economic environment. This program gives them the "edge."

Spread Analysis ProgramRestricted
Excel tool to calculate financial ratios

Succession PlanRestricted
Instructions to ensure future leadership at your Credit Union

Helpful Articles

Preparing for an OCU ExamRestricted
What can you do to prepare for the exam process? Here are some helpful hints.

The Budgeting ProcessRestricted
A good budget serves as a guideline for the next year for the staff and the board.

What is a Supervisory Committee?Restricted
Do you have a supervisory committee at your credit union? Have the examiners asked you about it and suggested that you form one? Here is some information on the committee and how to form one.