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Hot Topics 2013
12/31/2013 CFPB amends & clarifies mortgage servicing rules
12/27/2013 New release covers denial of services
12/20/2013 NCUA liquidity rules taking effect soon
12/16/2013 Federal regulators issue new social media compliance guide
12/13/2013 !Updated WCUL loan forms released for use
12/12/2013 2013 November ii Transmittal Sheet
12/06/2013 Online tool will generate lists of homeownership counselors
12/06/2013 DFI sets 2014 rate for required escrow accounts at 0.15%
11/25/2013 FRB presents Dec. 4 webinar: Small Creditor Qualified Mortgages
11/21/2013 CFPB issues new TILA/RESPA disclosures, effective Aug. 1, 2015
11/19/2013 New ii Release explains rules for giving applicants copies of appraisals
11/14/2013 Important developments hamper CUs making demand loans
11/11/2013 League Revises Loan Application Forms
11/06/2013 2013 October ii Transmittal Sheet
11/01/2013 MLO registrations must be renewed with NMLSR by year-end
10/24/2013 HPML ii Release updated for January appraisal rules
10/18/2013 Practical tools can help CUs implement critical new mortgage rules
10/10/2013 League publishes new ii Release on financing credit insurance
10/09/2013 League publishes new ii Release on mortgage servicing rules
10/07/2013 Last call to register for update on new regulations
10/04/2013 2013 September ii Transmittal Sheet
10/04/2013 MJS: Southport Bank of Kenosha settles discrimination case
09/23/2013 Rules updated on mortgage servicing, loan originators, and points-and-fees tests
09/23/2013 Two Reg. Z amendments ease mortgage compliance for “small creditors”
09/23/2013 Final rules restrict financing of credit insurance premiums
09/03/2013 2013 August ii Transmittal Sheet
08/29/2013 Qualified mortgage / ability to repay rule amended; two-year transition loosens restrictions on balloon loans for small creditors
08/26/2013 Reminder: FCC robocall rules effective Oct. 16
08/23/2013 Changes for high-cost mortgages under HOEPA effective Jan. 10, 2014
08/22/2013 FBI: Spear-Phishing Email has Missing Children Theme
07/29/2013 2013 July ii Transmittal Sheet
07/25/2013 Credit card ability-to-pay rules revised; Compliance required Nov. 4; impact limited under Wisconsin Marital Property Act
07/22/2013 Mortgage lenders: so are they exempt or not?
07/11/2013 CFPB clarifies mortgage servicing & qualified mortgage rules
07/03/2013 NCUA loan participation rules delayed to Sept. 23
07/03/2013 CFPB issues 2014 list of “rural and underserved” counties
07/03/2013 NCUA loan participation rules cover state-chartered credit unions as of July 25 (Revised 7/3/13)
07/02/2013 2013 June ii Transmittal Sheet
06/28/2013 UCC changes on Monday, July 1, mean new forms are needed
06/20/2013 Federal Garnishment Rules Updated
06/19/2013 Homeownership counseling rules will apply Jan. 10.
06/17/2013 Compliance TIP: Overstating the APR can violate Truth in Lending(6/18/13)
06/05/2013 2013 May ii Transmittal Sheet
05/30/2013 FinCEN answers CTR & SAR frequently asked questions new
05/29/2013 CFPB amends ability-to-repay rule; sets 2014 effective date for credit insurance rule
05/17/2013 Reminder: Mortgage rule changes effective June 1
05/15/2013 CFPB posts video overviews of the new mortgage rules
05/08/2013 CFPB proposes to delay June 1 single-premium credit insurance rule
05/08/2013 Reg. E rule on international remittance transfers Effective Oct. 28
05/07/2013 Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac to buy only qualified mortgages
05/06/2013 New ii Release No. B074 summarizes Jan. 10, 2014, ability-to-repay and qualified mortgage rule
05/01/2013 2013 April ii Transmittal Sheet
04/23/2013 New Form I-9 Required as of May 7, 2013…
04/18/2013 New rules, guidance on lending discrimination
04/10/2013 Loan Originator Changes in 2014
04/02/2013 MJS: Home equity lines of credit are starting to make a comeback (March 23, 2013)
04/01/2013 2013 March ii Transmittal Sheet
04/01/2013 New CTR, SAR, DOEP forms now required
03/22/2013 Reg. E amendment ends ATM signage rule
03/21/2013 Compliance TIP: Postdated checks still require your attention (3/21/13)
03/14/2013 Important update for credit unions that accept public deposits
03/14/2013 Compliance TIP: Trust Account Documentation (3/14/13)
03/14/2013 Compliance TIP: Changes on Trust Accounts (3/14/13)
03/14/2013 CFPB issues preliminary list of rural and underserved counties
03/01/2013 Prohibition on single-premium payment protection and arbitration clauses effective June 1
02/28/2013 2013 February ii Transmittal Sheet
02/26/2013 Q & A: Is low credit score permitted as a principal reason for denial?
02/13/2013 Wisconsin has raised small claims court limit
02/05/2013 2013 January ii Transmittal Sheet
01/23/2013 DMV offering new type of driver license & ID card
01/23/2013 Effective date delayed for international remittance transfer rules
01/22/2013 CFPB releases more mortgage regulations – on appraisals, loan originator compensation & single-premium credit insurance
01/17/2013 New HPML appraisal rules issued
01/17/2013 CFPB finalizes mortgage servicing regulations; many credit unions exempt
01/11/2013 Three new mortgage loan rules issued
01/08/2013 ATM signage no longer required by federal statute
01/02/2013 New Year means new compliance changes

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