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Wage & Hour Seminar


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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hilton Garden Inn
101 E Hiawatha Drive
Wisconsin Dells


About the Program

Wage and hour laws are complicated and often counter-intuitive. In part this is because they were first enacted in 1938 and haven’t changed much to keep up with changing times. And in part it’s because federal or state agencies and the courts don’t agree in their interpretation of the laws. So employers must do their best to keep up with the latest guidance regarding these important but difficult workplace laws.

Here are some frequently asked questions we will address: Are there any work breaks employers must provide and pay for? How advisable is it to use unpaid summer interns to give them a chance to get some experience on their resumes? Any reason we can’t take up the offer from a retired member who has volunteered to do some internal auditing for us? Must we pay an exempt employee who takes off days in the winter because she’s nervous about driving in snow? Do we need to credit back PTO time to an employee who continues to answer email even while out on vacation? And it seems to keep changing - so is it now safe to classify loan officers as non-exempt?

Unfortunately, wages and hours mistakes are costly for employers - even when unwitting and even when the mistakes themselves are in favor of employees or requested by them. Almost every day there’s another newspaper headline about employees who are awarded huge dollar amounts because their employers neglected to pay them for all the time they worked or calculate their overtime correctly. Making a wages and hours mistake, even inadvertently or in good faith, can be very expensive.

To avoid the reputational and monetary costs of wages and hours errors, credit unions must be familiar with the federal and state laws governing how and how much employees must be paid. In this seminar we will cover many of the rules with which credit unions must comply in paying their employees properly.

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