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Hot Topics 2014
09/15/2014 Fox Communities CU Coats for Kids
09/15/2014 Fox Communities CU Quarry Quest an Earth Moving Experience
09/15/2014 Fox Communities CU Run the Runway 5K GRB
09/15/2014 Fox Communities CU Social Media Seminar
09/15/2014 FREE CFPB Webinar: Frequently Asked Questions on TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures, Part 3
09/15/2014 Wisconsin YP leader is CUNA Management School class president
09/12/2014 YP Roundtable: Internal YP Groups
09/10/2014 WCUL will not offer combined TILA-RESPA disclosure forms
09/09/2014 Election portal offers valuable insights into November races
09/08/2014 CFPB: Small Entity Compliance Guide: TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule, (September 2014)
09/08/2014 CFPB: TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Guide to the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure forms (September 2014)
09/05/2014 Fox Communities CU Music on Military
09/05/2014 Governor Scott Walker: Commendation on 100 million memberships
09/04/2014 Summit Free Home Buying Educational Seminar
09/04/2014 Royal CU Young Free Royal Powered by RCU Rolls Out Dorm Makeover Contest
09/04/2014 Compliance Compass: window to disclose widens
09/04/2014 Attend a chapter meeting to eat, network, learn and enjoy!
09/03/2014 Mortgage Loan Processor
09/03/2014 Branch Manager
09/03/2014 Mortgage Loan Originator
09/03/2014 Small Credit Union Member Service Representative
09/03/2014 Lending Sales Specialist
09/03/2014 Members Service Representative
09/03/2014 ** Description of September 2014 ii Release Revisions
09/02/2014 2014 August ii Transmittal Sheet
09/02/2014 Fox Communities CU Improving Workplace Dynamics
08/29/2014 NCUA: Interagency Guidance on Privacy Laws and Reporting Financial Abuse of Older Adults. (2013)
08/29/2014 CFPB: Managing someone else’s money: Help for court-appointed guardians of property and conservators. (October 2013)
08/29/2014 CFPB: Managing someone else’s money: Help for Help for agents under a power of attorney. (October 2013)
08/29/2014 CFPB: Managing someone else’s money: Help for representative payees and VA fiduciaries (October 2013)
08/29/2014 CFPB: Managing someone else’s money: Help for trustees under a revocable living trust. (October 2013)
08/27/2014 Altra Federal CU Home Buying LaCrosse September
08/26/2014 Remittance transfer exception extended until 2020
08/26/2014 CFPB updates dollar amounts for credit card penalties, HOEPA triggers and QM limits
08/26/2014 Shared branching: become your members’ primary financial institution
08/25/2014 Has your credit union planned for what''s ahead?
08/25/2014 NCUA: Interagency Guidance Regarding Unfair or Deceptive Credit Practices (August 22, 2014)
08/25/2014 Wisconsin credit unions rocked the #IceBucketChallenge
08/25/2014 Win up to $2,500 in cash with the Ca$h Calendar
08/25/2014 The second quarter 2014
08/25/2014 Teachers seek credit unions to help them offer lessons from brass
08/22/2014 December 2014 Ca$h Calendar winners
08/21/2014 W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting
08/21/2014 W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting
08/21/2014 The League Board Meeting
08/21/2014 The League Board Meeting
08/21/2014 The League Board Meeting
08/21/2014 W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting
08/21/2014 The League Board Meeting
08/21/2014 Compliance Compass: update on data match agreement
08/21/2014 Leaders selected for YP Advisory Board
08/21/2014 W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting
08/21/2014 August 21 2014
08/20/2014 14 Altra Financial Advisors Seminar Social Security & Your Retirement
08/20/2014 CFPB: Bulletin 2014-01: Compliance Bulletin and Policy Guidance: Mortgage Servicing Transfers (8/19/2014)
08/19/2014 International Credit Union Day
08/18/2014 Register for The Leagues remaining fall Roundtables
08/18/2014 Director-focused learning happens Oct 17-18 in Madison
08/18/2014 Dont miss our Collections Roundtable & Bankruptcy $eminar
08/15/2014 Revamped website to debut later this year
08/15/2014 Wisconsin Summit of Financial Literacy
08/14/2014 Share your input in The Leagues annual Salary Survey
08/13/2014 Horizon Community CU Tools 4 Schools
08/13/2014 ICUL: Lending School
08/12/2014 DFI: Lending, Net Income on Rise for State Credit Unions
08/08/2014 Prompt attention needed . . .
08/07/2014 Organizational Talent Advisor (Eau Claire)
08/07/2014 Business Class Analyst Supervisor
08/06/2014 Part-Time Bilingual Member Service Specialist
08/06/2014 100M memberships reached at U.S. credit unions; millions of dollars saved in WI annually
08/06/2014 August 2014
08/06/2014 Compliance TIP: Electronic delivery of IRS information return statements to members (8/06/14)
08/05/2014 FREE CFPB Webinar: New Mortgage Disclosures
08/05/2014 U.S. Rep. Duffy brings credit unions together with federal regulator in Wausau
08/05/2014 Attend the Oct. 17 financial literacy summit
08/05/2014 Royal CU Next Top 15 Credit Union Exec Advance
08/05/2014 Register now for August 26th CFPB webinar on new mortgage disclosures
08/04/2014 DWD agrees to revise data match contract; CUs must understand choice before signing
08/04/2014 Wage & Hour Seminar
08/01/2014 2014 July ii Transmittal Sheet
07/31/2014 Fox Communities CU ID Theft Seminar Free
07/31/2014 Mortgage Loan Processor
07/31/2014 Teller
07/31/2014 Summit CU Chris Schell SVP-Marketing Joins CU
07/31/2014 WI Valley Chapter: CU Nights at Ballpark raises 5,425
07/30/2014 Open Dialogue with NCUA Chair Matz
07/30/2014 July 30 2014
07/29/2014 RCU Foundation Presents Check Boy & Girls Club
07/28/2014 CitizensFirst CU Next Gen Collect for Humane Society
07/25/2014 CUNA Webinar: How to Create Successful Business Relationships within the Hispanic Community (Free)
07/25/2014 CUNA Webinar: Build Internal Buy-In for Hispanic Growth Plans (Free)
07/25/2014 Association of Credit Union Internal Auditors (ACUIA)
07/25/2014 NCUA: Deterring, Preventing and Detecting Employee Dishonesty (2014)
07/25/2014 CUNA Webinar: Lessons Learned by CEOs of Hispanic-Serving Credit Unions (Free)
07/25/2014 $35,000 donation from CUNA Mutual Group will help leagues engage young adults
07/24/2014 Rep. Duffy invites credit unions to visit with NCUA Chairman Matz
07/23/2014 Royal CU Investment & Insurance Team Top Leader
07/23/2014 Royal CU Named Platinum Million Dollar Lender
07/23/2014 Use social media, community outreach to celebrate 100 million members
07/22/2014 Forms - Regulatory