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Alan is a credit union exclusive network that was developed by American Deposit Management Company and the W.C.U.L. Services Corp. to serve as a tool for credit unions to gain access into the public deposit sector.

AmeriCU Mortgage
By partnering with AmeriCU, your credit union will be able to ensure that affordable mortgage financing is available to all members without having to expend resources to keep abreast of the rapid changes in the marketplace or take on additional financial risk.

The AutoSMART program is designed specifically to increase credit union member satisfaction by simplifying the buying process and getting members the best price when they buy a vehicle. The industry's premier auto resource, CUDL's next-generation vehicle research and shopping website, provides members with automotive information within the confines of your credit union website.

CUDL offers the credit union industry powerful web-based ASP (Application Service Provider) solutions. CUDL's new Decision Manager technology provides credit unions with a highly flexible, robust decision engine to make their lending process faster, easier and more efficient. Credit unions can take advantage of the functionality of these systems to increase their auto-lending portfolio, expand their membership base and provide members with access to their great credit union auto financing rates and loan applications right at the dealership.

CUNA Mutual Group - Collateral Protection
Collateral Protection helps your credit union manage the risk of loss to your consumer and real estate loan portfolio resulting from damaged, uninsured collateral. Our research confirms that most credit unions are looking to their CPI provider for sound protection, minimal member complaints, and relief from administrative/operational hassles.

CUNA Mutual Group - Credit Disability
CUNA Mutual's Credit Disability Payment Protection can help members plan for their future -- not only to further their dreams, but also to protect themselves from unforeseen woes. It provides superior coverage to the widest range of members with the fewest possible eligibility and enrollment limitations.

CUNA Mutual Group - Credit Life
Give members the opportunity to plan for their future, achieve their dreams, and protect themselves and their families from unforeseen woes with CUNA Mutual Group's Credit Life Payment Protection. This unique insurance plan provides loan-specific coverage to a wide range of members with the fewest possible eligibility and enrollment requirements. Help members preserve life insurance benefits for living expenses, not for paying off debts.

CUNA Mutual Group - Debt Cancellation
CHOICE Lending Protection™, CUNA Mutual Group's debt cancellation product, gives you the flexibility to build a debt cancellation program tailored specifically to the needs of your credit union and its members. And because your credit union owns the product, you have more control over product design and branding, marketing, sales, and retail pricing. CHOICE Lending Protection™ is available for both consumer and home equity loans.

CUNA Mutual Group - Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)
Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan. If a member's vehicle is stolen, accidentally damaged beyond repair, or otherwise declared an insured total loss, auto insurance will cover the replacement value. However, the member remains liable for payment of the difference between the insurance settlement and the remaining loan balance. This deficiency can sometimes amount to thousands of dollars.

CUNA Mutual Group - Loan Protection
MEMBER'S CHOICE® Loan Protection provides coverage for credit union members at no direct cost and decreases loan delinquencies and charge-offs. Loan Protection also offers the advantage of automatic enrollment. There's no insurance application or physical examination, no inconvenient paperwork, and members can choose from several program options.

CUNA Mutual Group - Mechanical Repair Coverage
MEMBER'S CHOICE® Mechanical Repair Coverage allows you to offer your members competitively priced and flexible protection from unexpected vehicle repairs after the manufacturer's warranty expires. Your credit union will benefit from the additional loan volume and non-interest income that the program will help you generate.

CUNA Mutual Group - Mortgage Insurance Company (CMG MI)
CMG MI offers a range of mortgage insurance solutions to support a variety of homebuyer situations. As the only mortgage insurance company serving Credit Unions exclusively, CMG MI can offer products and services developed specifically to meet your needs.

CUNA Strategic Services - Lendkey
LendKey is a leading technology provider of custom private student lending programs. The company’s innovative technology puts credit unions in the private student lending business without the need to purchase or install any software. This end-to-end solution includes complete origination, underwriting, servicing and marketing.

CUNA Strategic Services - Newtek Small Business Lending
Provide SBA loans through a referral relationship with Newtek Small Business Finance, a non- bank SBA lender. Any credit union can benefit – from one that has no business lending ability or experience to the most sophisticated of business lenders. This program is available to your credit union free of charge and on a loan-by-loan basis. Your credit union earns a referral fee for each referred loan that Newtek funds.

Fidelity National Information Services
Fidelity offers comprehensive, customized and flexible card processing solutions with product and service options ranging from basic transaction processing to full-service, turnkey packages. These products offer your credit union the ability to be a leader in the credit card industry and offer your members anywhere from a standard card up to a Platinum rewards program.

ICUL Service Corp. - Apollo Credit Card Program
By participating in this program, you can compete in the credit card market and serve your members’ needs on a higher level. Today, your members can choose from many different types of credit cards. Why not have them choose yours!

TransUnion LLC
A reliable, accessible credit-reporting infrastructure is a fundamental foundation for a robust, healthy economy. Without it, businesses and consumers could not enter into many of the everyday credit transactions we all take for granted, such as buying a car or home, even seeking certain types of employment.

Want Rewards®
Want Rewards® is specifically designed for all credit unions. With no monthly fees and no setup fees, every credit union can now afford a robust "rewards" program.

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