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Webinar: The Effect of NCUA's New Fair Lending Exam Procedures on Underwriting, Servicing & Collections


Thursday, August 22, 2013


Speaker:  Susan Costonis, Compliance Consulting & Training for FIs


About the Program

This webinar examines guidance from the NCUA to the federal credit unions it regulates in this area, the rules and issues apply to all credit unions. On March 19th, the NCUA issued guidance for federal credit unions (13-FCU-02) and a new 55-page Fair Lending Guide, which address exam procedures. Will you need to make changes in your credit union’s underwriting, servicing, and collection procedures? There are 50 checklist questions in the new guide that could impact these areas. Do you know how to answer the 10 most important questions? What are the chances your credit union will be examined under these guidelines?


Join us to learn the most current fair lending “red flags” and “hot buttons” as highlights of the new NCUA guide from the CFBP are reviewed. The 50 checklist questions related to underwriting, servicing, and collections will be addressed and you will understand how to effectively make any required changes to your policies and procedures. This session will help you to prepare for an NCUA fair lending exam.



  • Will the Dodd-Frank Act change how your credit union makes and documents lending decisions?
  • Fundamentals of fair lending, including best practices for inquiries, loan interviews, application processing, and documenting denials
  • What you should know about the new NCUA Fair Lending Guide
  • What do you need to know about underwriting “qualified mortgages?” What about the new home ownership counseling requirements?
  • How an effective internal fair-lending review can detect problems before NCUA examiners arrive

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