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Webinar: Skip Tracing Tools & Techniques


Thursday, September 19, 2013


Speaker:  David A. Reed, JD, Reed and Jolly, PLLC


About the Program

It is a well-known fact within collections that there are two types of skips: those that can’t be found and those that don’t want to be found. Do you know the difference? How much time do you use attempting to locate past-due members? What if there was a way to reduce the time and frustration of skip tracing and increase the accuracy of your efforts? This interactive webinar will offer innovative guidance and resources to help you uncover more lost members and open up more recovery opportunities. From maximizing in-house efforts to utilizing the latest technology to leveraging third-party resources, join us to learn the latest skip-tracing tips, tricks, and landmines.



  • Creating a better method of skip tracing
  • Maximizing in-house information gathering
  • Privacy issues and landmines
  • Utilizing friends, family, and ex-spouses
  • Hidden Internet resources
  • Private detectives, repo ninjas, and other methods
  • Subscription service gems

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