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NorthLegal Webinar: Handling Real Property-Secured Loans in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Thurday, October 18, 2012
12:00 to 1:30 p.m.

Internet Training by Credit Union Attorney Eric North

Eric will discuss:

  • What effect does a Chapter 7 bankruptcy have on a loan secured by real property? Does it make any difference if the property is the borrower's principal residence?
  • How did the Circuit Court of Appeal for three states justify allowing a debtor to completely strip off a real property secured lien? Is it likely other circuit courts will follow?
  • Should you file a proof of claim in Chapter 7 cases?
  • Is there any reason to ask for a reaffirmation in Chapter 7 cases? Is there any reason a debtor should agree to one? How is the reaffirmation process different for real estate loans than for other types of loans?
  • What effect does the automatic stay have on pending foreclosures? On foreclosures completed just before the bankruptcy?
  • What collection problems may you encounter with respect to real property secured loans long after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy has concluded?
  • May you modify a real property secured loan after the borrower's liability has been terminated in Chapter 7 bankruptcy? What are the risks, and how can you mitigate against those risks?
  • What tools does a borrower's Chapter 7 bankruptcy give you that-if used properly-can help your financial institution make wise decisions and prevent unnecessary loss?


Like other NorthLegal Webinars, this program gives you the opportunity to train several staff members for a single low price, right in the convenience of your office!


For more information, visit  and click on the link for this program at the top of the list, or call NorthLegal Training and Publications at (623) 537-7150


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