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Webinar: Building a Better Board: Recruiting & Improving Your Credit Union Board


Thursday, February 6, 2014

2:00 - 3:30 pm CST


Speaker: Tim Harrington, CPA, TEAM Resources


About the Program

Credit unions are not getting any simpler. We have evolved into complex financial institutions in a very competitive market place. How can your board ensure that current board members are keeping up with industry and governance trends? How will you determine skill gaps on your board? How will you identify and attract the right replacements? Peter Drucker said, “A company’s greatest asset is not its people. A company’s greatest asset is the right people.” This webinar will address ways to identify potential candidates, to attract them to want to be part of the credit union, prepare them to become effective board members, orient and mentor them once they are elected, and help all directors become better governors of the credit union.



  • Attract, recruit, and nominate qualified board candidates
  • Prepare potential directors during their “apprenticeship”
  • Orient and mentor new directors
  • Improve and maintain the quality of existing directors through effective self-evaluations

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