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School and youth-run branches

Wisconsin credit unions oversee more than 100 school and youth-run branches inside schools and other partnering organizations. These branches are staffed and used by students who learn to use financial products responsibly. Though these branches often operate at a cost to credit unions, they realize the intrinsic value of helping students avoid debt, complete their educations, and become self-supporting members of the economy. 


View a listing of Wisconsin credit union school and youth-run branches. If your branch is not represented on that list, please email us.


Information on starting a youth branch


Michigan Credit Union League's "Credit Union School Branch Handbook" is a great resource for credit unions that covers the regulatory, marketing and logistical issues involved in establishing a student branch.

If you pursue forming a youth branch, please email Chad Helminak. The League has sample presentations, communications for promoting school branches. We can connect you with other credit unions that are operating existing branches.

We also encourage you to contact the Wisconsin Office of Credit Unions to file an application for subsidiary office.


Sample Communications to promote your youth-run branch


Link to resources page for credit unions (log-in required)


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