November, 2012

Wisconsin Credit Unions Honored for Community Involvement

Wisconsin's 194 member-owend credit unions were recently honored with a Corporate Citizenship Award, recognizing their extraordinary community involvement. The accolade, bestowed by Corporate Report Wisconsin magazine and featured in their November issue, highlights credit unions' exemplary efforts to support their communities as described in the REAL Solutions® Scorecard. Credit unions were honored for:

  • Advancing the Stock the Shelves food drive that supports 108 food pantries statewide;

  • Year-round financial education efforts that encourage regular saving and responsible borrowing;

  • Seeking state legislation doubling their own charitable giving capacity; and

  • Additional REAL Solutions┬« that reduce dependency on predatory financial providers, encourage saving and wealth-building, build creditworthiness, increase financial self-sufficiency and improve the econimic well-being of Wisconsin communities. Wisconsin credit unions saved their members $201 million in 2011 through more competitive rates on loans and saving and lower and fewer fees.


Because credit unions are member-owned financial cooperatives, they do what's best for their members when times are though and in doing so, have earned trust among their 2.3 million members

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