August 2013

Wisconsin Credit Unions Give Back In A REAL Way

Credit unions across the state have a vested interest in helping the communities they serve. As part of Wisconsin's voluntary REAL Solutions® initiative, credit unions offer programs and services because members have a need and meeting that need is the right thing to do, whether or not the credit union makes a profit. These REAL Solutions® have earned credit unions seven top awards in seven years for improving the financial knowledge of Wisconsin citizens, supporting charitable and community organizations and preserving low fees for financial services.

Wisconsin credit unions give back to their community by:

  • Supporting nearly 3,000 charities and local causes
    This includes collectively raising $542,919 in 2012 to help fund care at children's hospitals and supporting the Credit Unions for Kids program® which helps deliver care to sick and injured children, regardless of a families ability to pay.
  • Providing aid to new Americans
    Credit unions provide translated information about loans, help individuals open savings accounts, offer low cost wire transfers and participate in events that help new Americans establish a financial foothold, seek employment and participate in our nation's tax system.
  • Offering services in low-income areas
    40% of all depository institution branches in the state's low-income areas are credit unions, even though credit unions hold only 19% of the assets of financial services in Wisconsin and having no government mandate requiring them to serve low-income areas.
  • Keeping families in their homes
    Mortgage delinquency through Wisconsin credit unions is at a low 1.42% compared to Wisconsin banks which climbed to 3.14%. Credit unions see their members through extended unemployment and other challenges to help them remain in their homes.

This valuable community support is made possible because credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives, that prioritize their member-owners' needs rather than drive profits to benefit stockholders, like banks.

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