June 2012

The savings really add up, thanks to Wisconsin credit unions!

Wisconsin credit unions saved their 2.2 million members more than $202 million* in 2011 by providing member-favored pricing for financial services.

Savings were seen for:

Savings compared to banks
New car loans
Used car loans
Personal unsecured loans
5-year adjustable rate 1st mortgage
30-year fixed rate 1st mortgage
Home equity/2nd mortgage loans
Interest rebates in period

$128,773,133 in total savings in lower loan rates

Savings Accounts
Savings compared to banks
Regular savings accounts
Money market accounts $9,417,775
Certficate accounts $16,509,146
Retirement (IRA) accounts

$36,668,846 in total savings on higher savings rates


Fees Savings compared to banks
Across all types of accounts $36,550,331 in total savings on lower/fewer fees


* Preceding 12-months ending September 2011

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