June 2013

Wisconsin credit unions are invested in their members' financial health!

Credit unions across Wisconsin offer a multitude of programs to improve members' financial knowledge at every age.
This valuable financial education is made possible because credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives, that prioritize their member-owners' needs rather than drive profits to benefit stockholders, like banks.

Here are just a handful of the financial education services provided by Wisconsin credit unions:

Over 100 In-School Branches
Wisconsin credit unions operate 101 of the 103 in-school branches across the state. These youth-run branches provide hands-on financial education and foster lifelong habits of saving and informed decision making.

Free Financial Counseling
In 2012, Wisconsin credit unions offered nearly 30,000 hours of free financial counseling. Counseling helps members of all income levels create budgets, financially weather a job loss or illness, preserve creditworthiness and refinance loans at lower rates. This broad financial review often helps members prevent foreclosures and referrals to classes improve access to checking accounts.

Hands-On Learning
Wisconsin credit unions offer both “reality fairs” and the online simulation Money Mission.These programs have helped approximately 15,000 students to develop financial decision-making skills.Reality fairs are day-long simulations that expose students to adult choices about housing, food, medical care, transportation, child care and more to balance a budget. Money MissionĀ® is an online game that offers a similar simulation and is available on credit union websites.

Workshops and Presentations
Wisconsin credit unions regularly participate in events like Money Smart Week Wisconsin. Money Smart Week Wisconsin is a joint effort by organizations across the state to hold events, workshops and presentations that promote financial education.

Free Student Resources
Through the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation, Wisconsin credit unions offer the brass|STUDENT PROGRAM and have provided over 41,330 brass magazines, for free, to help students achieve state teaching standards for money management.

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