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Access free materials to point consumers to credit unions


Consumers have begun to notice who benefits from their patronage. Instead of enriching bank shareholders, they’ve turned on to benefiting themselves as credit union member-owners. And now, credit unions or chapters can collaboratively deploy free advertising through The League to convert this newfound consumer interest into increased membership.Image


The campaign offers credit unions and chapters free materials to produce a billboard, flyer, statement stuffer, bus ad, postcard, and poster which point out the benefits of membership, including:

  • Better rates and fewer fees


  • $1,000 in savings on the average car loan


  • Free checking


  • Thousands of free ATMs


  • Lower rates on first mortgage and home equity loans


The campaign’s imagery was developed on the basis of research that determined which visuals and messaging resonates best with consumers. A white paper detailing this research can be found on the Filene Research Institute's website.

The materials direct consumers to, a website that explains credit unions’ many benefits. That site, in turn, points to, where visitors can find credit unions to join. Wisconsin credit unions have been given access to edit their own member eligibility details on the site to ensure eligible consumers can find them.


Although the campaign materials are available at no cost, credit unions need to work together to coordinate and purchase local media buys at their discretion. Participation by credit unions is voluntary. No placements or ad buys will be coordinated by The League.


If your credit union is interested in participating, please work with neighboring credit unions or your chapter to evaluate interest and collaboration opportunities.

For assistance or if you have questions, contact Chad Helminak
at (608) 514-0080.

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