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Credit unions push hard to influence tax reform process

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Take two minutes to protect the credit union tax exemption!



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You can track the number of contacts to Congress made by each credit union on The League’s tax advocacy resource page (login required).  The report is updated every Monday and Thursday.


Wisconsin credit unions are out in full force advocating for tax reforms that protect the credit union tax status. Their ongoing efforts, which aim to ensure the continuation of billions of dollars in annual benefits to consumers, are helping ensure Congress hears the consistent and strong call of "Don't Tax My Credit Union!" through the end of the year. Time is of the essence as the first tax reform discussion drafts are being prepared in Congress right now.


With just over a month of Phase III advocacy efforts wrapping up, credit unions and their member-owners have signed 2,946 postcards and generated 10,958 contacts to Congress. Phase III's Dedicated Weeks of Advocacy are scheduled to continue until December 22. Consider continuing your credit union's efforts, even if your week has passed.


Congratulations to:


  • Members First Credit Union, which collected 450 member-signed postcards.


  • Blackhawk Community Credit Union's in-school branch. Student employees at Blackhawk Community Credit Union's in-school branches are asking Congress to protect the hands-on financial literacy exercises available to them through the cooperative structure and tax status of their sponsoring credit union. The young advocates signed Don't Tax My Credit Union poster boards and are delivering them to the district offices of the Wisconsin Congressional delegation.


  • The students of STAR Credit Union. The young savers at Madison's STAR credit union, housed within the Boys and Girls Club, took to the streets of downtown Madison to ask businesses to share why they love their credit union and asked them to sign a DTMCU postcard.


What grassroots efforts has your credit union done to reach out to Congress? Please share it with us! And if you’d like additional postcards, other advocacy materials like posterboards or buttons, or have questions, contact Sarah Wainscott (608) 514-0086. 



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Members First CU collected 425 more postcards than their goal.

Blackhawk Community CU's student branch employees delivered a posterboard signed by their peers to Congressman Paul Ryan's Janesville office.

STAR CU students visited Credit Union House in Madison as they took postcards to businesses on the Capitol square.


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