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Combination of REAL Solutions® and 1 with the League Council

The 1 with The League Council shall be appointed annually in the sole discretion of The League President to advise League staff on the direction and focus of The League's public relations initiative called "1 with The League," which initiative includes without limitation, education and training efforts, legislative, media and opinion leader relations, advertising and promotional efforts.

An area of emphasis for the Council shall be promotion and development of the REAL Solutions® initiative, which includes without limitation, service to new Americans, low wealth individuals and unbanked or underserved individuals, financial education initiatives and the development of pay day and predatory lending alternatives.


 Council Member  Credit Union  Position
 Nilsa Gebert  Focus CU  Committee Member
 Lucy Harr  Heartland CU  Committee Member
 Annie Hock  Lakeview CU  Committee Member
 L. M. Hopfensperger  Fox Communities CU  Committee Member
 Paul Kurth  Central City CU  Committee Member
 Carl Mundth  Landmark CU  Committee Member
 Harold Osborn  Connexus CU  Committee Member
 Staci Schoenrock  Fort Community CU  Committee Member
 James Schrimpf  Brewery CU  Committee Member
 Denise Wild  County - City CU  Committee Member
 Chad Helminak  The League  League Liaison
 Chris Henzig  The League  League Liaison

League Councils will be appointed annually in the discretion of The League President and shall meet as requested by League staff - preferably at least twice annually.

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