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July 19, 2011

Interchange rule analyzed, monitored
In follow up to its initial summary, CUNA has released its thorough analysis of the Federal Reserve Board’s final rule concerning debit card interchange fees. It has urged the Fed and Congress to continue to monitor the impact the rule may have. And while Visa Inc., expressed concern that certain card issuers may still suffer unintended consequences as the rule is implemented, the Fed took its first steps to facilitate the two-tiered fee structure aimed at protecting smaller issuers by identifying which issuers are either exempt or not exempt from the rule. The final rule, which caps at 21 cents the debit interchange fees of large issuers (those over $10 billion in assets), was improved from the initial proposed cap of 12 cents per transaction. CUNA's Deputy General Counsel Mary Dunn said in a recent podcast about interchange that credit unions, leagues and CUNA had an "enormous impact" in achieving this improvement.

From Red to Black: Thorough discussion with board needed on Corporate prepayment plan
Credit unions have a tough decision ahead of them on whether or not they will participate in NCUA's prepayment program that would allow credit unions to voluntarily prepay some of their Corporate Stabilization Assessment. FULL STORY

CUs must decide restrictions before concealed carry law takes effect
Governor Scott Walker signed into law on July 8 the concealed weapons bill that allows individuals with licenses to carry concealed handguns, electric weapons (such as Tasers), knives and other than switchblades, and billy clubs. Credit unions and other businesses must decide before the law goes into effect Nov. 1 whether to impose restrictions on weapons, not only for those who frequent credit unions, but also for their employees. FULL STORY

REAL Focus: brass|MAGAZINE receives high marks among Wisconsin teachers
In the latest REAL Focus column, Jill Nordstrom, The League's Director of Credit Union Outreach, talks about the brass|STUDENT PROGRAM. FULL STORY

Support The Foundation, and its many programs, by making a donation!
Help The Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation continue to fulfill its mission of promoting credit union development, educating credit union staff and volunteers, supporting programming to enhance financial literacy in Wisconsin communities and supporting the credit union system in times of need. FULL STORY

Money Misson™ grows users; added to Jump$tart Clearinghouse
July has been a great month for Money Mission™ - an interactive, web-based simulation designed to educate users on the fundamentals of personal finance. Not only has the game reached the milestone of 1,000 users, it was also added to the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy Clearinghouse - the most comprehensive collection of financial education resources suitable for students in pre-kindergarten through college. FULL STORY

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Leadership workshop gives you the tools to improve your CU’s bottom line
Learn how proper coaching can play an integral role in promoting member satisfaction, employee retention and sustainable performance improvement at The League's Leadership Workshop, Sept. 8. This course, which is designed for senior and middle managers, will provide you with the tools needed to improve bottom line results for the credit union. To register, contact Judy Phillips at (800) 242-0833, Ext. 6020.

Readi-Review Plus and Account Review from FIS, can provide a significant boost for your credit union's loan portfolio. FULL STORY

Get FREE training from the comfort of your office chair. While CUNA Strategic Services providers certainly have useful products and services for credit unions to use, they pride themselves in presenting webinars that are first and foremost educational and enlightening. FULL STORY

Get training tailored to your needs at The League's fall Roundtables
Get training on important topics while also networking and sharing ideas with peers during The League's compliance and asset size roundtables. FULL STORY

Share your input in The League's annual Salary Survey by July 21
Credit unions have until July 21 to complete The League’s Annual Salary & Compensation Survey. The survey was mailed to all Wisconsin credit union presidents. The data you provide will help us to compile important information about the going rate of pay and type of benefits offered to staff at all levels of credit union operation. Credit unions that fill out and return a survey receive, at no cost, a copy of the final report - a valuable tool when evaluating or structuring an employee compensation or benefits package. Those who do not participate can purchase the final report for $100. The final report will be mailed to participating credit unions in mid-September. For more information, contact Mary Bliss at (800) 242-0833, Ext. 6002.

Get recognized for the difference your credit union makes on a daily basis
Share how your credit union makes a difference in members' lives and within the community on a daily basis and earn a chance at recognition. Credit unions that make a difference through the uniqueness of credit union philosophy, financial education and community service can get recognized for those efforts by applying for one or more of these awards. FULL STORY

Get the latest from NCUA through new online communication systems
The National Credit Union Administration has made it easier for credit unions to stay up to date on its latest news through several different online communication channels. FULL STORY

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