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This video, which is currently making the rounds on social media websites (source unknown), offers a humorous but pointed look at how merchants want to dodge their fair share of costs for debit transactions. Read our latest article to learn what you can do to advance our fight on interchange.

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May 27, 2011

NCUA proposes voluntary Corporate CU assessment prepayment option
The NCUA has proposed a plan to allow credit unions to prepay their corporate stabilization assessments on a voluntary basis. The plan would provide the extra dollars the corporate stabilization fund needs in the next two years. If enough credit unions participate in this prepayment plan, the mandatory 2011 and 2012 assessments that all credit unions must pay would be reduced from the current estimate of 25 basis points and 13 basis points respectively. The plan also allows a credit union to expense any voluntarily prepaid amounts at the time the credit union would actually have been assessed for those amounts. See NCUA’s voluntary prepayment proposal and CUNA’s Q & A and Comment Call on the option for more information.

Act now! Ask lawmakers to remove anti-CU language from budget bill
The League continues to urge credit union presidents, staff and volunteers to contact state legislators to ask that the credit union conversion language be removed from the state budget bill. This is a new action alert to follow up after the Joint Finance Committee adopted the credit union conversion motion, motion #169, earlier this month. FULL STORY

Call Now! Save Interchange!
Only weeks remain before the July 21 implementation of the pending interchange rule, which will dramatically cut interchange fees that merchants pay and force transfer of the cost to credit union members. Activists - credit union staff, volunteers, and members - are urged to make the most of Congress’ Memorial Day recess next week by keeping up a barrage of contacts to your representatives. FULL STORY

Payroll Deduction program helps credit unions advocate effectively
The Payroll Deduction Program is available to fund both the state and federal Political Action Committee funds, as well as Members' Conduit Accounts.  These funds are the best way Activists can strengthen credit unions' advocacy capabilities in 2011. FULL STORY

From Red to Black: Things to consider before making a decision on the voluntary Corporate CU assessment prepayment option
In the latest From Red to Black column, Bill Rockeman, The League's Senior Consultant, offers resources to help credit unions make a decision on the NCUA's Corporate CU assessment voluntary prepayment option. FULL STORY

Compliance Compass: Get email updates via Compliance Courier plus important July deadlines
In the latest Compliance Compass column, Paul Guttormsson, The League's Legal Counsel, talks about The League's Compliance Courier publication as well as important upcoming compliance deadlines. FULL STORY

Money Mission helps 28 CUs provide financial education to young members
Money Mission – an interactive, web-based simulation designed to educate users on the fundamentals of personal finance – is now aiding 28 credit unions in providing financial education to young members. That growth is helping add an average of 50 new users to the game per week. FULL STORY

Credit Union News

Credit Union News


Foundation contributes to CUAid fund to help tornado victims
The Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation has donated $500 to the CUAid's Southern States Tornado Campaign, and has donated another $500 to CUAid to benefit those affected by the recent tornado in Missouri.

Credit Unions: Soft targets for wire fraud? Credit unions continue to experience severe losses from unauthorized wire transfers. In the first quarter of 2011, U.S. credit unions reported $1.2 million in losses from wire transfers to CUNA Mutual Group. FULL STORY 

You've asked good questions about claims. We've listened. Now you be the judge! Visit CUNA Mutual's Straight Talk on Credit Union Protection webpage and sharpen your knowledge and understanding of the policies that protect your credit union. FULL STORY

2010 Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation Annual Report now available
The Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation unveiled its 2010 Annual Report during The League's Annual Convention earlier this month. FULL STORY

Grow your REAL Solutions efforts with these grants
The Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation and the National Credit Union Foundation are each offering grants to help credit unions advance their REAL Solutions® efforts. FULL STORY

Wisconsin credit unions invest in their communities
Because credit unions are locally owned, they routinely invest in their communities as a means of improving the quality of life for their members. In 2010, for example, Wisconsin credit unions supported a total of 143 local charities, community projects or civic groups. FULL STORY

Nominations being accepted for the League's committees and councils
Would you like to serve on one of The League’s committees or councils? The League is seeking interested credit union staff or volunteers to serve on several of its councils and committees, which serve in an advisory capacity. If you would like to serve, please contact Karen Raether by June 13. Council and committee members will be named in early July.

Get training when it's convenient for you with Webinars On-Demand
Get comprehensive compliance and directors' training when and where you want it with Webinar On-Demand courses. FULL STORY

Chapter Leaders Conference to include poverty simulation
The Chapter Leaders Conference, designed to recognize the hard work of volunteer leaders within the chapter system, is again aiming to inspire attendees during this year's conference, June 10-11, at Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells. FULL STORY

Help a teacher attend the National Institute by becoming a sponsor
The National Institute of Financial & Economic Literacy is a fantastic opportunity for teachers – as well as credit union staff who are financial educators – to learn how to improve their lessons on the basics of personal finance. Sponsor someone from your credit union or local school! FULL STORY

Get recognized for the difference your credit union makes on a daily basis
Your credit union makes a difference in members' lives and within the community on a daily basis. Why not get recognized for it? FULL STORY

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