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Aug. 15, 2013

Industry thrives with CU supporters in Congress

This video (login required) explains how important it is to offer financial support of pro-credit union candidates in Congress. By Labor Day, please consider giving $30 or whatever you can to CULAC, credit unions' federal political action fund. Payroll Deduction offers an ongoing way for Activists' small donations to have a HUGE impact!

Congressional recess: advocate in person during tax battle
While Wisconsin credit unions continue using their websites, social media, printed letters and more as part of their "Don't Tax My Credit Union" advocacy, the August recess, which ends Sept. 9, offers another important front in the battle: local visits with Wisconsin's Congressional delegation in-district or even in your credit union. FULL STORY

Senator Tammy Baldwin voices support for CU tax status
U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin told a standing-room only crowd of credit union supporters in Madison this week that she fully backs credit unions' continued tax status as corporate tax-exempt institutions. FULL STORY

Goal: remove barriers. Action: payroll deduction
Removing barriers that can limit credit union growth is one of the key action areas for our movement's national campaign for credit union growth, Unite for Good. A lack of financial support for credit union-friendly candidates and legislators has limited Wisconsin credit unions' political effectiveness, so more Wisconsin credit unions are offering their staff the chance to pitch in and remedy this situation through payroll deduction. FULL STORY

Want to develop your career and help credit unions? Here are 7 steps.
Regardless of where you are on your credit union's organizational chart, there's a lot you can do—at no cost—to advance your career and promote and protect credit unions as a preferred option in the financial services marketplace. The League's VP of Development, Chad Helminak, offers young professionals seven simple steps to take right now. FULL STORY

Compliance Compass: new loan participation rules
Starting in September, NCUA's new rules for loan participations will apply to all Wisconsin credit unions—whether state or federally chartered—that buy participations in loans originated by other credit unions and eligible organizations. The League's Legal Affairs Counsel Paul Guttormsson (left) explains more to help your credit union remain in compliance. FULL STORY

Prepare to ace your credit union's next exam
With the ongoing deluge of regulatory changes, and the daunting challenge that presents for credit unions to maintain compliance, you need to know just what examiners expect related to those changes. FULL STORY

Leadership: listen, fight, praise, lead
You can't lead by giving orders. And you can't lead by simply giving in to others' requests while your own needs go unmet. You need to master the art of listening, confront issues thoughtfully, offer praise and know the personal dynamics that are effective in achieving agreements and resolving conflicts. That's what you'll learn Sept. 26 at The League's Leadership Workshop. Andy Janning, whose Nobel prize-nominated communication model has helped financial institutions add hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, says the same techniques that make you more effective at work can make you a better partner and parent. Register now!

Network and learn at The League's fall Roundtables
Some of the most useful information is gleaned from casual conversation with peers. That's why The League's annual Roundtables, which offer the latest knowledge from top presenters and a chance to talk with peers about practical issues, are some of our best-attended events. Register now for our in-demand Compliance Roundtable, any of three CEO Roundtables based on CU asset size, our Mortgage Lending Roundtable, and our Innovators In Outreach Roundtable that addresses CU growth opportunities. FULL STORY

New materials, sponsorship opportunities for financial ed program
As you prepare to work with schools and students this fall, be sure you're taking advantage of the free financial education materials available as part of the brass|STUDENT PROGRAM. This year there's an upated resource center for credit unions (view screen shot) and two new new sponsorship opportunities that make providing brass more personalized to your credit union. Credit unions should email Chad Helminak to receive a personalized log-in for the resource center, which contains a list of schools receiving brass materials and sample communications to use when working with teachers, students and CU employees. The sponsorships have been developed as part of changes being made to the distribution model this year.

Join us for a tweet chat focusing on social media
If you're on Twitter, join The League and CUNA Mutual Group for a free social media tweet chat on Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 11 a.m. We'll exchange ideas, address social media strategy questions and more. FULL STORY

This fall, tap Challenge Bowls to teach teens personal finance
This fall, consider partnering with Asset Builders of America to involve teens in a competitive quiz tournament focusing on personal finance. It's a great way of making financial education fun while helping students achieve state standards for personal financial literacy. FULL STORY

Want to serve youth? Improve outreach to Hispanics
Hispanics are the youngest of the major ethnicities, with 40% under the age of 21 in 2011. While Hispanics account for about 16% of the U.S. population, by 2018, about 1 in 5 Americans will be of Hispanic origin, increasing to 1 in 3 by 2060. Take advantage of new resources from the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and Coopera Consulting to aid your outreach, including a series of archived webinars that will help you design a strategic Hispanic marketing plan, set baseline growth goals and measure progress. FULL STORY

Grow income by making members aware of their need for protection
As Senior Consultant Bill Rockeman pointed out in his recent column, credit unions seeking income would be remiss not to point members to the insurances they want to purchase. For members under age 44, accidents are the leading cause of death. Fortunately, getting accidental death & dismemberment coverage is much easier than it used to be, especially with an online portal that puts it, as well as other types of needed coverage, at members' fingertips. FULL STORY

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