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Webinar: Qualifying Borrowers Using Personal Tax Return Part I: Basics, Itemized Deductions, Interest & Dividend Income, Sole Proprietorships & Capital Gains


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Speaker: Tim Harrington, TEAM Resources


About the Program

How do you verify a borrower’s income from a tax return? Many people take AGI and add back depreciation. That might be right, but even a broken watch is right twice a day. Extracting cash flow from a personal tax return is much more detailed than that. This session will teach you how to read and understand a borrower’s tax return and convert taxable income into cash flow. Loans are paid with cash flow, which rarely matches a borrower’s taxable income. We will start with the basic incomes, then move to interest and dividend income (Schedule B), sole proprietor income (Schedule C), gains or losses on sales (Schedule D) and installment sale income (Forms 6252 and 4797).


Overestimating income from a tax return can lead you to approve a weak loan that could eventually cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Underestimating income can lead you to deny good loans you need to grant in this tough economy. This webinar will make the process of analyzing personal income tax returns simple and understandable by using quality instruction and frequent examples.

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