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NorthLegal Webinar: Denial of Services and Expulsion from Credit Union Membership


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

12:00 - 1:30 pm


Internet Training by Credit Union Attorney Eric North


Eric will discuss:

  • When you may (and when you may not) refuse to allow a member access to credit union services.
  • Whether a member must have caused the credit union to "suffer a loss" or be in default in order for you to discontinue services.
  • What the NCUA says about providing services to members.
  • What bankruptcy law has to say about denying services to members, and why the rules may be different for some credit unions than for others.
  • May you use the threat of a loss of services as a way to convince a bankrupt member to reaffirm?
  • What the rules are regarding expulsion of members. (Emphasis on federal credit unions, but a general discussion of state credit union laws.)


Like other NorthLegal Webinars, this program gives you the opportunity to train several staff members for a single low price, right in the convenience of your office!


For more information, visit  and click on the link for this program, or call NorthLegal Training and Publications at 623.537.7150

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