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The latest in a series about the value of League membership



The League's in-person, telephone and online programs better equipped credit unions' front line staff, board members, and management to fulfill their roles. In 2012 we: 


  • Offered more than 180 training programs to more than 1,870 participants, chiefly in the areas of lending and compliance. 


  • Provided a majority of our training online and as teleconferences to satisfy credit unions' wish for the most affordable and convenient learning options.


  • Continued building our "on demand" library of training options that allow participants to learn any time by going online. This year we diversified these options – focusing mainly on compliance and director training - by offering 30-minute quick courses or 1-1/2 hour comprehensive courses.


  • Expanded the Young Professionals (YP) Network, a free career development and leadership training program open to CU staff and directors ages 35 and younger. YPs from every credit union chapter were invited to local networking "meetups" and a statewide YP Boot Camp that focused on career development, innovation and advocacy. We also awarded scholarships to YPs to "Crash" our convention & our state Government Affairs Conference, where they received tailored training and exclusive presentations from top industry leaders. We expanded the YP Network website and enlisted greater involvement by system partners to offer YPs greater exposure to CU issues as well as learning and leadership opportunities. A Wisconsin CU Foundation Scholarship also offered YPs up to $2,000 to attend a CU system conference.


  • Offered freebies and discounts. Each small credit union could enroll free in 2 compliance webinars. Additional discounts were provided for credit unions enrolling multiple participants and registering for multiple sessions. Convention included a significant discount for young professionals. Free registrations to our new Innovators & Educators Roundtable were offered to credit unions winning first-place League & CUNA awards.


  • Enhanced opportunities for directors. In 2012 directors could access training in person – such as at convention or via our fall director’s conference. They could also tap webinars offered live or "on demand" 24/7, a certificate program  that brings instruction to them at a regular board meeting, or self-paced correspondence courses  allowing learning at home, work or anywhere. Topics for director training included the Bank Secrecy Act, board fiduciary duties and legal liabilities, directors’ roles and responsibilities, asset/liability management, succession planning, financial reports and ratios, being a visionary and credit union challenges and opportunities. Our on-demand financial literacy training for directors helps state-chartered credit unions acquire some of the same competencies that the NCUA now requires of directors of federal credit unions.  


  • Facilitated roundtable discussions for credit unions for networking and idea sharing. Sessions were offered by asset size and area of expertise, such as mortgage lending, compliance and human resources. Our new Innovators & Educators Roundtable was well-received for helping credit unions focus on membership growth. 


  • Provided close to 900 convention attendees four days of training on more than 25 topics – all for less than what you might pay for a single-topic training session anywhere else.  


"Most of our training is now online as well as archived so we've made it as convenient and cost effective as possible for busy professionals who want to maximize the learning they can achieve within a strict budget," said Jennifer Esser, Director of Education for The League. "We're always looking for ways to offer freebies and discounts to help even more."


For example, The League’s state Government Affairs Conference in Madison Jan. 22 and 23 offers two free registrations to any credit union that offers its employees payroll deduction for political fundraising and $99 registration – close to half off the regular price – for young professionals ages 35 and younger, first-time attendees and staff with active Members’ Conduit Accounts. Young professionals can also enroll in a free pre-conference advocacy workshop.


Watch League News for more about what we have accomplished together in 2012 as a united League. Our entire article series is being archived as it unfolds at


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