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About The League

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The League/CUNA system represents and engages public officials on behalf of credit unions and their members.


Along with credit union Activists, we lobby for pro-credit union legislation, defeat harmful legislation, and cultivate relationships with policymakers to ensure they understand the value of credit unions so they can act to enhance, protect and preserve it.


Communicating about credit unions’ value, protecting credit unions’ tax status, removing regulatory burdens and expanding credit unions’ opportunities to grow and serve members are top priorities.


Your League:


  • Monitors thousands of pages of proposals each session of the State Legislature and Congress for their effect on credit unions and their members and lobbies legislators and Administration officials on dozens and dozens of proposals.


  • Informs and supports credit union Activists year-round. We urge them to engage regularly with lawmakers & media, communicating stories  about their REAL Solutions for members and communities to grow the ranks of pro-credit union allies.


  • Produces specialty publications for The League’s Government Affairs Committee with information on the proposals, personalities and process not available elsewhere; for credit union Activists highlighting advocacy best practices, Activists in action locally and providing key updates on issues; and for lawmakers and their staff on important or emerging issues.



  • Involves Activists in contacts to policymakers through our Grassroots Action Center, in-person visits, phone calls, letters, postcards, posters and social media. Each year, Wisconsin Activists make tens of thousands of contacts on issues including the tax exemption, regulatory issues, member business lending, activities of CUSOs, student lending, foreclosures, incidental powers, credit card marketing practices and more.


  • Provides in-person and written testimony on dozens of legislative proposals each session.


  • Coordinates political fundraising to keep pro-credit union legislators in government. The League offers Activists opportunities to support legislators and candidates through a personal Members Conduit account and state and federal PACs. The Payroll Deduction Program offers credit unions a unique opportunity to impact campaigns in a way most other busiensses are prohibited. Payroll Deduction makes it possible to surpass political giving goals if many credit union employees contribute even a small amount each pay period. Credit unions are only beginning to tap this critical tool.


  • Holds numerous in-person meetings with key regulators. Activists participate in League-facilitated roundtable discussions with the Department of Financial Institutions and Office of Credit Unions. Read more on our work on regulatory issues.


  • Develops and strengthens relationships with state and federal legislators at the State Government Affairs Conference, CUNA GAC, Hike the Hill in D.C., credit union chapters and in-district meetings.


  • Attends many in-person fundraising events to represent credit union interests before elected officials and candidates.


  • Uses Credit Union House across from the State Capitol as a high profile command center for advocacy initiatives. It’s a central point for educational seminars, legislative briefings, fundraisers, meet and greets and committee meetings. Its very presence tells the public and policy makers that credit unions matter to their member-owners, they’re engaged and are here to stay.


  • Sponsors and hosts events for credit union champions.


  • Connects with lawmakers at meet and greets, fundraisers, chapter legislative nights, in-school branch openings, regular branch openings, credit union office tours and at local public service, benevolent and business events.


  • Offers valuable networking opportunities for Activists and Young Professionals at the State and CUNA GACs and Hike the Hill in D.C.


  • Expands access to advocacy events through scholarships.



  • Lobbies Congress & their staff on critical issues. For example, recent "Don’t Tax My Credit Union" advocacy preserved credit unions’ federal tax status by generating 1.3 million website views from 550,000 unique visitors, more than 1 million contacts to Capitol Hill, 3 million exposures on social media & 28 million ads online.


  • Holds hundreds of meetings with Members of Congress from both parties year-round.


  • Designs strategic activities to increase accountability as part of the American Association of Credit Union League’s (AACUL’s) Plan to Win campaign, which ensures system-wide accountability and success for legislative and political goals.




  • Testifies at Congressional hearings, including on regulatory relief.


  • Educates Congress on regulatory relief, housing finance reform, supplemental capital, and business lending.



  • Provides weekly regulatory advocacy reports & NCUA Board meeting summaries.



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