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The latest in a series about the value of League membership


League consultants were busy in 2013 offering support, ideas, knowledge, referrals and more to address a diverse array of complex issues affecting credit unions’ operations, service and financial performance. This past year we: 


  • Analyzed credit unions’ financial statements. League consultants identified ways to reduce costs, free up cash, increase income, target areas for loan growth, improve asset/liability management and more. 


  • Helped credit unions prepare for visits by examiners and communicated regularly with the Office of Credit Unions. The League works to help regulators appreciate the environment in which credit unions operate. Through regular dialog, participating in meetings of the Credit Union Review Board, and an "open door" relationship, The League seeks to improve credit unions’ overall interaction and experience with examiners. Regulators expressed confidence in credit unions’ collaboration with The League through the Compliance Specialist Program.


  • Provided insights and strategic analyses. League consultants helped credit unions prepare budgets and budget forecasts that include a balance sheet, analyze the cost and impact of adding new services, prepare for board meetings, complete planning sessions and simply navigate everyday challenges via hundreds of phone calls and in-person visits annually. The Small Credit Union Initiative  – which offers participating credit unions assistance valued at $10,000 – guided participants through a prescribed plan for growth.


  • Completed the required  990 tax form filing  for two-thirds of Wisconsin credit unions. 


  • Provided individually tailored HR consulting and training  addressing policies, hiring and/or termination, recordkeeping, performance evaluations, position descriptions, wages and hours (exemptions, hours worked, etc.), suspicious activity reporting, absenteeism/leave, disability, and internal investigations. 



"All year I travel the state, visiting and coaching credit unions on every type of concern that they face in daily operations," said The League's Senior Consultant Bill Rockeman.

"Smaller credit unions in particular can feel overwhelmed at times, but they know I am just a phone call away," he said. "Whether a credit union needs ideas or feedback on exams, budgeting, planning, lending, governance or just about anything else, I strive to be credit unions' first call for help."


"When you've assisted as many credit unions as The League has over decades, you amass a wealth of information and insights we want every credit union to benefit from," Rockeman added.

"What The League learns from credit unions who seek our help inevitably helps the next credit union, and so on. It's a cycle of collaboration that has saved credit unions time, money and needless risk by putting needed information and resources in their hands."


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