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Thought leaders share insights at Convention

Attend Convention to glean insights from some of the most exciting and influential personalities. Our agenda includes presentations from the marketing mastermind of the mega-profitable Starbucks & Whole Foods companies, a professor and analyst of the Greek financial crisis, a retired Marine Corps veteran who spent 24 hours inside the President's bunker during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and more!

John Moore


Our General Sessions include talks by:


  • John Moore, the marketing mastermind who helped propel Starbucks and Whole Foods to stratospheric profitability, shares a blueprint for managing your brand and marketing in step with your credit union's growth. Having shaped his clients' meteoric rise to success, he refined what he calls "the Bigness of Smallness," or the paradox of growth. The smaller a business is, the bigger it must appear. The bigger a business is, the smaller it must get in terms of how ideas and actions flow, internally and to the consumer. His two books, Tribal Knowledge and Tough Love - along with his Brand Autopsy blog - showcase the strategic decisions top performing companies must embrace to lead and thrive in a crowded marketplace.

    Dr. Moses Altsech

  • Dr. Moses Altsech, a dual citizen of the U.S. and European Union, brings a prophetic look at a modern Greek tragedy: what credit unions can learn from the causes, consequences and lessons of the Greek financial crisis. Fluent in three languages, he has traveled to more than 45 countries on six continents, acquiring a global perspective on business and social issues. His marketing insights as a consultant have advised industries from health care to biotech, high fashion, manufacturing, real eastate, the auto industry, advertising, the arts and many more. His authority in marketing and international business guide the MBA program at Madison's own Edgewood College and have been showcased by media worldwide. The "untold story" of the Greek crisis - and the experiences of ordinary Greek people struggling to cope with the consequences - offers lessons to every American.

Lt. Col. Robert Darling
  • Lt. Colonel Robert Darling, the retired Marine Corps veteran who helped see America through the immediate crisis and darkest days following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. He shares the story of the first 24 hours inside the President's bunker, where he was tapped to serve as a liaison between the Vice President, National Security Advisor and the Pentagon. He witnessed firsthand the enormity of the wartime decisions being made to secure the president and the lives of every American citizen as our nation scrambled to make sense of the tragedy. He'll challenge you to greater strides in leadership, collaboration and courage.

Lee Wetherington
  • Lee Wetherington, Director of Strategic Insight for ProfitStars, will present at a general session to explain "strategic foresight," the ability to sustain growth and revenue by anticipating member demands, regulatory changes, market trends and threats from new competitors by planning from the future, backwards. He'll also offer a breakout session Thursday on "All Things Mobile: Alerts, Payments, Remote Deposit & Security." Wetherington is noted for driving progress in the financial services sector by keeping executives abreast of the trends and implications of new technologies. His more than 300 presentations for state and national trade groups focus on opportunities and challenges related to e-banking, payments and much more. He serves as a technology faculty chair for several regional schools of banking and finance, is accredited through the national Automated Clearinghouse Association, and is renowned for the cutting-edge guidance that has driven bottom line results for the nation's largest and most well-recognized financial players. 

    Mark Tauscher
  • Former Green Bay Packer Mark Tauscher, who will share his insights Saturday, May 11, about pro football and his predictions for the game and next season. He'll also describe how he came back from a string of injuries to earn the Packers' 2008 Walter Payton Man of the Year and Ed Block Courage Awards, and how he began the Trifecta Foundation to encourage reading achievement in early childhood.


  • Recently-elected CUNA Board Chair, Wisconsin's own Pat Wesenberg, and former CUNA Board Chair Harriet May, who will urge Wisconsin credit unions to lead the charge in achieving our movement's common vision, or roadmap for growth. Their membership address, "Unite for Good," will explain how CUNA, leagues, system partners and credit unions collaborated to create this vision and how we can make it happen.


These in-demand speakers will prove to be a big draw, so register today. And act now to secure reduced rate lodging!


Questions? Contact Judy Phillips at (262) 408-6020.

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