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WI credit unions outpace individual goals for tax advocacy

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Take two minutes to protect the credit union tax exemption by helping Wisconsin reach our contacts goal. Please:


  • Share the link with your colleagues, friends and family.



  • Choose from additional tools and materials for engagement found on The League's or CUNA's grassroots resource pages.



Credit unions earn their tax status with decades of accomplishments and an unwavering commitment to their members' and communities' best interests. To lose the tax exemption would jeopardize the valued services and $8 billion in annual benefits that American consumers receive because of the income tax-exempt cooperative structure that allows credit unions to put the best interests of people ahead of profit.


Several Wisconsin credit unions have already surpassed 100% of individual goals that are part of their "Don't Tax My Credit Union" advocacy. And they're finding some creative ways to get this message in front of more members and the Wisconsin Congressional delegation during the ever-important August recess


Credit unions have been working hard to direct their employees, directors and members to the grassroots action page,, where a message to Congress can be sent in seconds. And by working in concert with The League to concentrate grassroots response during a dedicated week of advocacy, several have already exceeded initial benchmarks.


They include:

  • Altra Federal
  • Badger-Globe
  • Bull's Eye
  • Central City
  • Co-op
  • County-City
  • Evergreen
  • First Community CU of Beloit
  • First
  • Glacier Hills
  • Lakeview
  • Members First
  • Oshkosh Postal Empls  
  • Public Service
  • Summit
  • UW
  • UW-Oshkosh
  • WESTconsin


Credit unions' progress is being updated every Monday and Thursday (login required).


And while Wisconsin credit unions step up their contacts to Congress, bankers are using a website, social media campaign and videos (see 1, 2 and 3) in hopes of derailing our effort.

Fond du Lac Credit Union employees took advantage of a visual in its tax messaging on Facebook. The League also shared it on Facebook using the #DontTaxMyCU hashtag, plus tags for Wisconsin's two U.S. Senators.


"First Community CU of Beloit achieved an impressive 1,341% of its goal," said VP of Government Affairs Tom Liebe. "That is far and away the biggest increase in grassroots contacts on the tax issue by an individual Wisconsin credit union, and should encourage other credit unions that achieving their targets is indeed within their reach."


"I'd encourage all credit unions to share with us any strategies that have worked best for them so that we can share it with others," Liebe added. Shared resources from The League, CUNA and credit unions are accessible from The League's homepage.

He also reminds credit unions that tagging your representatives in Congress in tweets and using the hashtag #DontTaxMyCU not only helps track these messages, but also ensures that they reach the legislative audience. Wisconsin lawmakers are frequent users of social media to communicate with constituents.


Telemundo recently published a Don't Tax My Credit Union story that may be helpful to share with Spanish-speaking members.


Even if a tax reform bill does not advance this session, Liebe notes, the decisions made today are the likely starting point from which tax reform deliberations continue.


Glacier Hills Credit Union, which has reached 978% of its individual contacts goal, wore "Don't Tax My Credit Union" T-shirts to generate conversation with members.


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