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Regardless of your role, learn at the best price around

Convention is the place to build the base of knowledge that can help your credit union succeed. Whether you're a lender, marketer, young professional, executive or director, you'll find breakout sessions that will help you in your daily work—all for less than what you'd pay at a single industry event anywhere else!


Topics include: 

  • All Things Mobile: Alerts, Payments, Remote Deposit & Security. More than half of all U.S. mobile consumers now have smartphones, and 100 million U.S. consumers are expected to use mobile technology by 2014. Your credit union has unprecedented opportunities to extend service at a low cost, generate non-interest income and revolutionize how you interact with members in real-time to deepen your relationships and earning potential. Lee Wetherington, who guides top performing financial firms on cutting edge technologies, offers a roadmap to make the most of mobile technology.


  • All-Fired-Up for Life or Just for Now?  A growing community of fired-up young people work for credit unions. But they fall into two camps: one that sees them as a mere stepping stone to something better and another that sees a lifelong career enacting positive change. Tim McAlpine, who has led the country's social media efforts to attract younger employees, volunteers and members, explains how to spot, nurture and motivate tomorrow's credit union leaders.


  • Ten Keys to Member Satisfaction. How do you measure member satisfaction? What affects it and how can you prevent dissatisfaction? Why do some dissatisfied members stay while others leave? What affects members' expectations and how can you exceed them when they're already lofty? Dr. Moses Altsech pinpoints the ten keys to making your members loyal for life.


  • Credit Union Philosophy: A Sustainable Strategy for Profitability, Differentiation & Outreach. For decades, only credit unions truly helped consumers of modest means. Now, new providers are serving them but not for the better. Josh Allison of Think Cafe' traces credit unions' history to make the case for credit unions as the preferred provider to meet their needs, profitably.


  • Mortgage Lending Regulations Review. Kim Alexander of AmeriCU Mortgage unravels the complicated slew of mortgage lending rules that have credit unions scrambling to stay in compliance.


  • 2013 Employment Law Update: What Your Credit Union Must Know and Do. Jo Whiting, Executive Vice President and Chief Advocacy Officer for The League, has practiced management-side employment law in private practice as an attorney and worked with employers like credit unions on HR issues for more than 20 years. Don't do a thing HR-related without her checklist!


  • Reaching Gen Y & Millenials with a Message They'll Actually Listen to.  Social relevance, not social media, is the key to attracting today's youth. If you can convey a purpose for using your credit union beyond just the products being purchased, you'll not only increase product usage among youth, you'll cultivate fired-up young advocates to advance your marketing. Josh Allison returns to share the award-winning strategies that marry your mission & messaging to effectively reach and serve the youth market.


  • Who Let the Cows Out? Strategies for Protecting Your Loan Portfolio from Future Loss. Michael Cochrum of CU Direct Corporation explains how loan loss projections take you only as far as you can identify risk. But few credit unions see the most likely "cows" to escape the barn door. Learn to use your own past performance as a predictor that's as powerful as credit scores. You'll broaden your lending opportunity while appropriately accounting for risk as part of your pricing to increase your loan growth.


  • Lather, Rinse & Repeat: Arriving at Intelligent Data-Driven Decisions. Does your website damage your credit union's credibility? Learn to blend usability indicators and data to improve your members' navigation. Cathy Night of CUNA Mutual Group shows how iterative measurement and analysis can help you focus scarce time and dollars on improvements that will matter most.


  • Economic Update. Sanjay Bhasin, Executive VP for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago, presents an economic outlook that includes a discussion about key economic drivers.


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