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"Unite for Good" is our theme, vision for credit unions' future

Credit unions are doing a tremendous amount of good for their 96 million members and their communities. The values we share as co-ops position us to achieve a common vision: to prove to Americans that credit unions make the best financial partner. Recently-elected CUNA Board Chair Pat Wesenberg and former CUNA Board Chair Harriet May will explain more as part of their membership address.

Wisconsin's own Pat Wesenberg, who accepted the gavel as the new CUNA Board Chair at the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference, will explain our vision to "Unite for Good" as part of a membership address with former CUNA Chair Harriet May.


At the Credit Union National Association's Governmental Affairs Conference, attendees were asked to "Unite for Good," an internal campaign by which credit unions can achieve a shared vision for growth. The vision was developed by CUNA in partnership with its board, league presidents, system partners and credit unions. It is based on credit unions' shared values of collaboration, a focus on members, community involvement and a dedication to financial well-being.


Its potential, as CUNA sees it, is truly exciting:

  • 50 million consumers choosing credit unions as their primary financial institution; and


  • $20 billion in quantifiable member benefits by 2023


"In a nation of over 300 million people, fewer than one third are credit union members, and of those, fewer than half use a credit union for most or all of their financial needs, but consumers are more interested today than ever before about who benefits from their patronage and where profits go," said CUNA Board Chair Pat Wesenberg.

"We're in a unique position to make the case for values-based decision-making, which will drive consumers away from big banks to locally-owned, democratically run credit unions, where profits stay local and benefit account holders instead of shareholders," she said.


Wesenberg will join former CUNA Chair Harriet May in a membership address on Thursday, May 9 at Convention, urging Wisconsin credit unions to:


  • Create awareness by expanding your credit union's outreach and image in the community; and


  • Foster service excellence by offering a complete set of forward-looking and constantly improving financial services to members of all backgrounds and life stages.


"Wisconsin credit unions saved their members close to $1 billion since the start of the Great Recession in 2007," said League President & CEO Brett Thompson. "So we have the momentum, as well as many of the tools already in place, to lead this charge. Our ongoing "1 with The League effort," which helps credit unions improve their outreach through their many REAL Solutions® and conduct advocacy in collaboration with 1,100 credit union Activists statewide, will continue to be our blueprint for participation. "


A list of action steps has been posted on CUNA's website to guide credit union participation.


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