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YP Boot Camps: harness the potential of young CU leaders


If you're a young professional (age 35 or younger) or someone who supervises one, take note of The League's upcoming YP Boot Camps. These day-long trainings offer YPs presentations on leadership, ideation and credit union strategy. Boot Camps not only provide professional development and networking, but also introduce YPs to new ideas and resources they can bring back to benefit their credit union. There's no cost, but space is limited, so register now!


The League hosted its first YP Boot Camp of 2013 in Madison back in April, drawing more than 80 YPs from around the state, and is excited to announce dates and initial details for the next two:


  • August 7 – YP Boot Camp: Session on Leadership Development in Wausau, in partnership with Connexus Credit Union. There are just 9 seats remaining for this session and you must register by noon, Aug. 1!



Along with speaker sessions that address each event's unique topic, Boot Camps also provide job-specific networking and idea sharing and a birds-eye understanding of the credit union movement and current news and trends.


More details will be shared for these Boot Camps within the coming weeks, so now is a great time to make sure your talented young credit union employees are registered for the YP Network; it's free to join and members of the Network will be the first to receive event and registration details.


"YP development is growing and becoming increasingly relevant to some of the credit union industry's most pressing issues," said League VP of Development Chad Helminak. "The more YPs have learned about the history and purpose of credit unions, the more they see their job as a meaningful career and the credit union movement as a catalyst for member-empowerment and community development."

"The interaction they're getting not just from peers but system partners and top industry leaders has energized their desire to learn, innovate and achieve. It's the kind of engagement that can help credit unions remove barriers, create awareness and foster service excellence to reach new and financially underserved markets – all goals of our movement's system-wide campaign for growth," he added.

See a recap of YPs' experience at The League's recent Convention in the Wisconsin Dells and what YPs from all over are saying about their learning and networking experiences.


Wisconsin has more than 220 YP Network members representing 64 credit unions and more are coming on board every day. Wisconsin is the only state in the country with YPs serving on The League's Board of Directors in a non-voting, advisory capacity.


At center, (left) League VP of Development Chad Helminak and Peter Bildsten, Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (right) show off a Governor's Proclamation credit unions received for Youth Week 2013 during this year's first YP Boot Camp held in Madison. Young CU professionals from across Wisconsin participated. 

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